Gangstalking: A New Type of Internet Conspiracy Cult .

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Gangstalking: A New Type of Internet Conspiracy Cult .
« on: December 04, 2019, 07:22:52 PM »
18  July  2019 .

What happens when mental illness becomes coordinated .

You wake up, rub your eyes, and get out of bed. You pull aside your window shades to see your neighbour outside, weeding his garden.
He  started early today. He  doing it to taunt you. He wants to prove that he  better than you  to make you look bad. He acts like he ignores you  but his passive aggression is blatant   You know he wants your attention, so you do your best not to give it to him
You eat breakfast, shower, and head to work .

On the freeway, two dark SUV's  pull up beside you. You check who  in them, and there  a person looking back at you. Staring. Waiting for you to make even a small mistake. Daring you. You focus hard on your driving, becoming acutely self-conscious. Finally, they drive off, and when they do, you look behind to see a squad car. It's  not a coincidence. You're  sure of it .

You arrive at work, but things in your office aren't  where you left them. Your garbage can is moved, your stapler is missing, and your computer is warm  as if it was just being used. Someone has been there .
Why do people do this to you? Why do they care so much about you ? .

You don't  know their purpose, but you know their goal is to ruin your life. To drive you into frustration, anger, and despair. They want to make you seem crazy   but you're  not crazy.  You're  sure of it .
The taunting follows you to cyberspace. Your email inbox is flooded with advertisements from companies you're  never patroned. Some emails know intimate details of your life. All of them know your name .
You also get daily emails from people from far away asking for your help. You know they  fake, so you delete them, but they still annoy you . .

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