Sage of Quay Radio - Elisa E. with Elana Freeland - Our Life Beyond MK ULTRA .

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29  July  2019 .

Elisa is a survivor of the MK ULTRA mind control program .

She has authored two books titled Our Life Beyond MK ULTRA where Elisa details her involvement in the program. She offers a rare glimpse into how the dark world of trauma-based mind control created her Multiple Personality Disorder and how once programmed she was used in government, military, intelligence, religious and corporate organisations and institutions to carry out the occult agenda of control and domination through sex and murder .

Elisa will discuss how she became part of the program along with its ties into the military industrial complex and the Mormon church. She will also walk us through how bloodlines are a key component of the MK ULTRA selection process and the linkage to Freemasonry. We then delve into Elisa's  experience with cross-dimensional entities as part of the programming process and the advanced technologies already in play to mass control the human mind .

We end the conversation with Elisa and Elana offering their perspective on how humanity can break free from the shackles of the puppet master anti-humanity agenda . .

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