Our Life Beyond MK ULTRA: Jordan Maxwell Show With Guest Host Matt Landman .

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26  september  2016  .

Guest host Matt Landman delves into the CIA mind control program known as MK Ultra. Author of the two-part book Our Life Beyond MK ULTRA, Elisa E was interviewed regarding her experience as a recovering mind control victim. Through trauma induced personality splits Elisa spent her entire life a victim to the ongoing treasonous atrocities within the black operations of our "governmental" system .

Elana Freeland also joined the interview as the author of the book's Forward as her expertise as a researcher and activist are all-inclusive. Through experience and research, both guests have an amazing take and explanation of the dark agenda. Elana even touches upon nano-tech and its role in the mind control agenda .

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=KXyejuSI_ag&feature=emb_logo .

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