Neurotoxins that Do More Harm than Good - The Dr Peter Breggin .

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11 December 2019 .

Psychiatric drugs can ruin our quality of life, causing brain damage, cognitive deficits, apathy and withdrawal reactions. Medication spellbinding then blinds us to the seemingly infinite harms caused by these potent neurotoxins. Dr. Breggin draws on many decades of clinical and forensic experience, his research, and his many scientific articles and books, including Toxic Psychiatry, Medication Madness and Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal .

He reviews his most important observations and conclusions about the harmful effects of psychiatric drugs and how to withdraw from them .

This one-hour talk is his most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of what everyone should know about psychiatric drugs before taking them or trying to withdraw from them. It is intended for the general public, including people taking or contemplating taking psychiatric drugs. But it also presents information and scientific principles largely unknown to mental health professionals. If they knew the truth, many therapists and other health professionals would think twice before referring their clients for psychiatric medications . .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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