Gang-Stalking or Directed Energy Weapon testing and torture Crimes Against .

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I have spent a great deal of time talking with insiders or people that would have some type of first hand knowledge and a great deal of research into these crimes. Here is my collision. I want to state and so you think about it as you read. I have met a lot of really good First responders (police, fire, medical). Many of these people are fooled or deceived into believing the cover story. Much like the people they recruit to act out against a Targeted Individual. Keep in mind many have told me they would come forward but they know they would become a victim them selves.

MY point = this quote .

Gresham Police Officer " The people behind these crimes will not stop until they destroy your life. Me "Will you come forward and help me. Officer I can not they would come after me and my kids .

See after the officer told me this I was thinking here is an officer of the law that carries a gun every day, deal with criminals everyday what a punk ! NO I was wrong for thinking this because I remember the look on his face it was fear  I  realise now he just want to protect the life he has and his family which I now under stand. This is why many have not come forward .

Gang-stalking is the cover story for the testing of Directed Energy Weapons on Humans (billions spent each year Directed Energy Weapons). Many ask what gives them the right to do this testing ? .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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