The Rape of the Mind explores the Psychology of Thought Control .

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Only blind wishful thinking can permit us to believe that our own society is free from
the insidious influences mentioned in Part One. The fact is that they exist all around
us, both on a political and a non-political level and they become as dangerous to the
free way of life as are the aggressive totalitarian governments themselves.

Every culture institutionalises certain forms of behaviour that communicate and
encourage certain forms of thinking and acting, thus moulding the character of its
citizens. To the degree that the individual is made an object of constant mental
manipulation, to the degree that cultural institutions may tend to weaken intellectual
and spiritual strength, to the degree that knowledge of the mind is used to tame and
condition people instead of educating them, to that degree does the culture itself
produce men and women who are predisposed to accept an authoritarian way of life.
The man who has no mind of his own can easily become the pawn of a would-be

It is often disturbing to see how even intelligent people do not have straight thinking
minds of their own. The pattern of the mind, whether toward conformity and
compliance or otherwise, is conditioned rather early in life.

In his important social psychological experiments with students, Asch found out in
simple tests that there was a yielding toward an ERRING MAJORITY opinion in
more than a third of his test persons, and 75 percent of subjects experimented upon
agreed with the majority in varying degrees. In many persons the weight of authority
is more important than the quality of the authority.

If we are to learn to protect our mental integrity on all levels, we must examine not
only those aspects of contemporary culture which have to do directly with the
struggle for power, but also those developments in our culture which, by dulling the
edge of our mental awareness or by taking advantage of our suggestibility, can lead
us into the mental death - or boredom - of totalitarianism . .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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