Ref Climate Ghange

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Ref Climate Ghange
« on: February 07, 2020, 07:36:05 PM »
Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP                                                                Albert Burgess
First Lord of the Treasury                                                                 
10 Downing Street                                                                         
SW1A 2AA                                                                                       
Ref Climate Change
Dear Boris
The idea of banning new petrol and diesel card in fifteen years is the height of lunacy, a German company which tests cars has just released a report which is highly critical of electric cars. We have known for at least my 75 years that batteries do not like the cold which causes them to loose power.
The companies research has shown that an electric car with a range of two hundred KM in the warm, once exposed to cold weather its range depending on the make of car is reduced to fifty or seventy KM.
This will have the effect in a cold spell of leaving the motorways clogged with thousands of cars with dead batteries. As there are no charging points built into motorways this will generate two major problems (1) removing cars from the motorways which will require more breakdown wagons than we have in the Kingdom) and (because cars cannot be removed and dead batteries cannot supply the car with heating you will have hundreds if not thousands of stranded motorists freezing to death. You will of course not have enough ambulances and hearses to remove the bodies.)
Then of course in good weather these cars will need charging the cost of charging points for every car on the roads will be prohibitive. My local service station at junction 8 on the M40 has parking for hundreds of cars but charging points for a dozen. Even if you had the charging points for every parking space which is not going to happen, you have to produce the electricity and you do not have the capacity to produce sufficient electricity to supply every home, business, medical centre and hospital and the rail infrastructure. Not forgetting the cars.
I feel sure your advisors have university degrees galore what they do not have is a brain. You could of course build nuclear power stations and take the unacceptable risk of our own Chernobyl, Russia is a huge country we are not they can depopulate an entire area we can not. All power stations produce green house gases so the gases not produced by electric cars will be produced by power stations. If humanity is to survive we need green house gases for the trees to produce oxygen unless of course you brain less advisors think it a good idea for us all to suffocate being brain less they have no brain to need oxygen. Add to which the entire concept of global warming is based on bad science, far from getting hotter we are entering an ice age and ice and batteries are not a good combination.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess
No degree but a functioning brain.
Cc Dominic Cummings   

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