Enough bullying Barnier! EU can't boss Britain around any longer,

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Subject: Bullying Barnier! EU can't boss Britain around any longer | Politics | News


Enough bullying Barnier! EU can't boss Britain around any longer, says PAUL BALDWIN
I WAS in Madrid a few weeks back (my expat brother lives there since you ask) and I was in a bar. Obviously.
By Paul Baldwin
PUBLISHED: 12:13, Mon, Feb 3, 2020 | UPDATED: 15:39, Mon, Feb 3, 2020
Brexit: EU to offer ’ambitious trade deal’ says Michel Barnier
So, a bloke next to me sparked up a fag – something I'd not seen since 2007 when smoking in pubs was banned in Britain. But no-one batted an eyelid. Of course they didn't, because this was Spain and frankly no faceless pen-pusher, whether in Madrid or Brussels, was going to tell this fella what he could or could not do in his own local pub.
Of course it could have been a one-off and I could have just come across the sole crotchety old Spaniard sticking two fingers up to those who would tell him how to live his life, but it didn't feel like it.
It felt like a real-life example of the difference between the Brits and the Europeans – we are sticklers, to the point of shooting ourselves in the foot, for rules.
When was last time you saw anyone spark up a fag in a British pub? Quite.
We love rules even more than we love queues. And we really, really love queues.
It's over Barnier! You're not in charge anymore

Flag Day: Britain's economy set to fare better than EU counterparts (Image: Getty)
Which brings me to Michel Barnier.
The annoyingly self-righteous French Brexit negotiator has launched an opening salvo in the crucial Anglo-EU trade talks, which start today, all but accusing Britain of being about to throw every commercial and workplace rule and regulation drawn up in the last 100 years out of the window. His insinuation is that without the morally superior burghers of Brussels to guide us we will start making teddy bears out of asbestos and ship them to Europe while sending our children up chimneys and reintroducing match girls.
It is as insulting, as it it wrong, as it is barmy.
But this isn't really about trade or employment laws (Britain has long had fairer employment deals than those mandated by the EU anyway) it's about Brussels still thinking they can boss Britain around.
It's about Barnier being hell bent on cracking the whip from across the Channel. He wants to scare us, to cow us to fall in line with their rules. He's hiding behind accusations British standards will not measure up to European ones (though as a VW diesel driver who was recently told my car was chucking out all manner of filth I don't know how they have the front) but it's really about power and control, and trying their damnedest to see that Brexit fails.
We have to fail you see.
Because the entire EU project hinges on it. Ursula von der Leyen today admitted a United States of Europe was her goal. But at the same time she admitted cracks were showing in the bloc because the poorer states - who have got used to EU being their cashcow - were refusing to accept cuts to those handouts to take account of the £10billion a year their budget was short because of the UK's leaving.
If Britain thrives – and against ALL the predictions of the timorous nay-sayers Britain is thriving – then the EU will collapse.
First it will start fraying at the edges as one-by-one the bigger contributors realise they are no longer paying to aid trade but to fund political ambition. Then, as Britain's economy grows, people in struggling Germany and Italy and France will start to wonder why they are paying to prop up ailing states barely even part of Europe, rather than allowing them to stand on their own two feet. And as the UK sees an unprecedented employment boom the first big country (my money is on Italy) will leave. Oh, and don't rule out the euro collapsing either.
At this point it will be game over.And the EU, which started as a great, and even beautiful political and commercial idea will have ended as a corrupted, bloated, arrogant and wholly undemocratic cesspit of political ambition.
The stakes are that high. And Barnier is right to be scared.

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