Free of the EU shackles

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Free of the EU shackles
« on: February 12, 2020, 10:42:23 AM »
Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: January 28, 2020
In: News

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Before we joined the EU (EEC as it then was) I personally travelled freely to and worked in Germany, got recognition for my driving license. paid into the German pension system and qualified for a pension which I receive today. If Brexit today means anything less – as the Remainer doom mongers say and the EU threatens – then it shows the aggressive imperialist and protectionist State the EU has become – and why Merkel fears the success of the UK when it leaves!MERKEL PROVES BREXIT RIGHT FOR THE “UK COMPETITOR”
“With the departure of Great Britain, a potential competitor will of course emerge for us,” the German Chancellor Angela Merkel said recently. “That is to say, in addition to China and the United States of America, there will be Great Britain as well.” – Hence the EU’s demands for our fishing grounds and European Court control of any trade deal.
But if we flourish outside we must have been massively disadvantaged inside – as we were. If we are a competitor outside we must have been prevented from competing inside – as we were. And if they say Oh No you will of course suffer (because we won’t do deals with you) then as even the europhile Independent commentator said:
“They will screw us if we leave,” is a difficult way to make the case for remaining in a union with, well, the would-be screwers.
So not only are we going to flourish with our friends in the world outside the EU, in the world of 160 self governing countries like ourselves but the pseudo intellectual contortions of the fascist left, the Remainer class and the right wing corporatists are now exposed for us all to laugh at. Their logic has collapsed and their imperial ambitions are lost.
The recent IMF growth forecast put UK ahead of Germany and the Eurozone over next two years. Growth would accelerate from 1.3% last year to 1.4% this year and 1.5% in 2021 while the eurozone will grow by 1.3% this year and 1.4% next. Not a ringing endorsement of those Remainers – or the countries actually “remaining”!
The just published UK purchasing managers’ index (PMI) showed that private sector activity grew to 52.4 in January, its highest level for more than a year, in an unexpectedly strong recovery from 49.3 the previous month. So there has already been a Brexit bounce with the Johnson victory in December – another nail in the coffin of the Remainer’s project fear!
Borrowing in December 2019 was £4.8 billion, £0.2 billion less than in December 2018 and total debt  at the end of December 2019 was £1,819.0 billion (or 80.8% of gross domestic product, a decrease of 0.9 percentage points) on December 2018
In the latest quarter UK trade surplus in services increased by £700m. The UK exported £49.1 billion of services to non-EU countries over the same period compared with exports of only £33.0 billion to the EU. The UK’s largest trading partner for both exports and imports of services in Quarter 3 2019 was the United States. The direction of travel is clear!
The UK employment rate was estimated at a record high of 76.3% and the unemployment rate was estimated at 3.8% The economic inactivity rate was estimated at a record low of 20.6%, In real terms (after adjusting for inflation), annual growth in total pay is estimated to be 1.6%, and annual growth in regular pay is estimated to be 1.8%.
According to the financial consultancy Bovill, some 1,400 EU-based firms have applied for permission to operate in the UK after Brexit, with over 1,000 of these planning to establish their first UK office.
Amongst the total of 1441 applications are those from 134 EU/EEA banks, which will either be setting up offices in London for the first time or boosting their current UK presence. Financial firms planning to move to the UK span all sectors in financial services. As well as EU banks, these include EU asset managers, insurers, exchanges and fintech firms.
One of the greatest symbolic demonstrations of the EU’s rule in Britain is the compulsory exhibiting of the EU flag when Brussels deigned to give us a small portion of our money back to fund industrial or local authority projects. Using our own money to force on the populace their imperial Euro-flag was the kind of farce only a truly decadent British political class would have allowed.
And we won’t have to listen to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” so often, if at all. It was adopted as the EU’s “national anthem” in 1985 – arranged by that old Nazi Herbert von Karajan, the Austrian conductor of the German Philharmonic Orchestra, who joined the Nazi party in the early days of Hitler’s Government after 1933 and was admired by Goebbels as a national hero.
Yet another of the scores of ‘continuity Nazis” still around in culture, business and politics as leaders after the war and involved intimately in the foundation of the European Union. (see the books Fascist Europe Rising pages 44 to 58 and “And into the Fire” chapters 4 and 5)
(Dear Reader – why not use these examples in your letters to the press or journalists? The latter have managed to censor this work for nearly 30 years!)We all know of how attacking the EU was described in a European court case as “being akin to blasphemy”. A Bill has just been presented to the German Bundestag (originating in the second chamber – the Bundesrat) to provide for imprisonment of anyone insulting the EU or its symbols – a move suggested by many leftists who previously opposed a similar law to protect Germany and its symbols! Article 5 of the German constitution  provides for freedom of speech – but we all know what short lives these basic democratic principles can have in the EU!
At least we will soon escape this tawdry, totalitarian, controlling Super-State with its utter contempt for nations, Democracy, free speech and free peoples.

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