Lawsuit Claims Google And Big Tech Are Complicit In Human Genocide .

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23  December  2019  .

Cyrus Parsa is now suing Big Tech for their role in human genocide being committed worldwide by AI tools. Cyrus joins Owen to break down this industry rocking lawsuit.
"DIGITAL YOU.  The collaborative process between these companies, is attempting to create a digital you.  They have harnessed humanities bio-metrics, are planning to run it in an Al machine, TO COPY A PERSON'S CONSCIOUSNESS,  with the idea that your emotions,personalities, and neural networks, can be digitally implanted into robotics, cybernetics, cyber systems, virtual reality, augmented reality,

Mixed reality, alternate reality, human, animal and modified clones and
other bodies, to obtain immortality. The collaborative process between
these companies, can create an Artificial Intelligence that can control humanity through the 5 G network, mobilising drones, machines,  robotics, CRISPR and other technologies not limited to the digital.. .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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