Fight Together or Die Alone Moe Hope's Story .

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Fight Together or Die Alone Moe Hope's Story .
« on: February 20, 2020, 08:33:42 PM »
2  August  2018  .

Here is a piece of my personal TI story. Let it serve as a dire warning to any TI who thinks that life is good enough and they are a good enough to not experience the torture, suffering, and destruction that happened to me and my family. Eventually, they will increase your torture, destroy you, your family, and drive you to suicide. We cannot sit back and just try to live because they will not allow it. We have to work together and take positive action (play offence) to fight this evil .

One morning, as I was laying bed, they started telling me a vignette using two of my very close friends and neighbours. The vignette went like this. "We are part of a group called My Best Friend. We enslave people so they can be bought and sold as slaves. What we are doing is enslaving your wife." At this point they had my female neighbour say "Julie, go upstairs and stand naked". At this exact moment, they vibrated my penis. Immediately thereafter, for the first and only time, they had me hear my wife's voice. It was the worst sound that I have ever heard. She said "Ok" in a way that presented all the suffering and knowledge she was going to suffer for doing this but would suffer even more if she did not .

Obviously, this freaked me out and I called them out for being sex predators. They tried to get me to believe that I came up with it in my head; I did not have an upstairs and I had never heard my wife's voice like that, so it was impossible .

As I continued to call them out for being sex predators, they decided to show me how powerful they were. What they started doing was vibrating my penis just to the point prior to orgasm and put my brain into such a state of tension that, between the two, it was impossible to think of function. They did this to me at work, at home around my nephew, etc. While they did this they asked, "How does it feel?" "We just want to know how it feels?".

Between the My Best Friend incident and what they were doing to me, I hit a state of extreme burnout. I even tried to kill myself because I thought that, if I killed myself, then maybe they would leave my wife alone and not harm her. They prevented me from doing by making me feel like a piece of lead. I then went into a state of severe burnout that resulted in me losing my job .

It gets much worse. I put my resume together and took a little time for myself (I had been working since 5th because you can work as a child if you work for family.). By the summer, I was ready to enter the job market. At this point, the sadistic psychopaths started giving me such severely tortuous tinnitus that I wanted to be deaf, unconscious, and even had my finger on a loaded shotgun. They never stopped .

Shortly after that, they started depriving me a near-total sleep. If I slept, I would sleep for 15 minutes at a time and maybe get two hours of non-contiguous sleep over a 24-hour window; I would get no sleep for days at a time. At the same they continued torturing me with the tinnitus, putting my brain in states of severe tension, and vibrating my penis and contracting my prostate. Of course, there was the constant V 2 K. I had it worse than a Guantanamo detainee; they tortured me worse than a mass murdering terrorist .

This caused me to go into a state stasis and sleep deprived psychosis  where I was completely non-functional .

This went on for seven (7) full months; my wife and my parents witnesses it .

I had to watch as everything that I had ever worked for during the past 16 years was taken from me. I tried to set my wife up with a business in her home country, but it did not work and stress of losing it and her life all drove her to a near attempted suicide .

Eventually, I started sleeping a little better but the torturous and debilitating tinnitus along with constant brain tension state and sexual stimulation kept me nearly nonfunctional .

I lost almost everything, but there was still hope. I still had enough savings to go to grad school and get back on track .

However, it is never going to happen. They continue to constantly torture me with the torturous tinnitus, horrible brain tension, constant V 2 K threats against my family, periodic sexual assaults, and ensuring that I know they will never stop nor allow me to rebuild my life . .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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