LA gang member tells Dr. Matt and Ella about the brutal and illegal targeting .

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21  July  2019  .

In this episode, “Kevin” (pseudonym) describes the criminal targeting he has experienced for several years, which has involved extensive gang stalking at times, as well as savage microwave torture with directed-energy weapons. There is little doubt that Kevin’s ongoing targeting is a long and drawn out vendetta that’s being perpetrated against him. This clearly seems to be the case, because his targeting began immediately after he testified as a state’s witness in a gang-related murder trial in Los Angeles. Kevin grew up in the LA gang scene and essentially had no other choice than to enter that scene as a kid. As an adult, however, Kevin had the courage and integrity to leave that way of life behind 100%. Even though he remains brutally targeted to this day, Kevin musters the strength to connect with other targeted individuals and contribute his voice to targeted individual rallies and protests. He aims to help expose the targeting crimes and related human rights abuses that are being carried out against thousands of similarly targeted victims in the United States and all over the world . .

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