Health Effects of Radio Waves–Concerns from 1960 .

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Health Effects of Radio Waves–Concerns from 1960 .
« on: February 22, 2020, 06:32:58 PM »
1  October  2014  .  by Ken Carter .

The following, “Radio Waves and Life” by Tom Jaski, is an excerpt from the September 1960 issue of Electronics Magazine .

Apparently, even more than 50 years ago, there was considerable concern that RF (radio frequency) radiation was having harmful and even lethal effects on mammals, including humans, far beyond the thermal effects.

Interestingly, UHF frequencies, at least in short duration, were actually capable of removing cancerous tumours and relieving the pain of arthritis.

But the intracranial and psychological effects of frequencies commonly used by cell phone companies today, were causing concern as long ago as 1958.

“Radio Waves and Life” by Tom Jaski (excerpt) .

A public announcement by scientists at the National Institute for Neurological Diseases concerning the LETHAL EFFECTS of 388-MC radio waves on monkeys also shows there is great interest in other frequencies and effects BESIDES THERMAL.

Some Early Reports

As long ago as 1930, Nrunori claims to have seen evidence that the human organism “radiates” and “reacts to” radio waves of 2.33 meters and its harmonics  in other words: 129, 258, 387 and 596 MC (megacycles i.e. million cycles per second).

This brings to mind the work of a man who started publishing articles on this kind of subject more than 35 years ago. An Italian university professor named Cazzamalli placed human subjects in a shielded room, subjected them to high-frequency radio waves, and claimed to be able to record a “beat” which, he RECEIVED ON A SIMPLE UN TUNED RECEIVER consisting of a galena crystal, a small capacitor, antenna and sensitive galvanometer. Cazzamalli’s equipment, as well as it can be determined from his early articles, is shown in Fig. 1.

The one item which he never mentions, perhaps because he could not accurately determine it, is the POWER OF HIS TRANSMITTER.

He published oscillograms purportedly showing VARIATIONS of the “beats” when his subjects were EMOTIONALLY AROUSED OR ENGAGED IN CREATIVE EFFORTS.

Later experiments delivered much more startling results: he found that some of his subjects would HALLUCINATE under the influence of the high-frequency radio waves, which ranged all the way up to 300 MC.

The Cazzamalli experiments were carefully duplicated with modern equipment, of much greater sensitivity than his. His “oscillatori telegrafica” (presumably a transmitter as used for wireless telegraphy) was replaced with a very modest low-power oscillator. The reason for this was twofold.

In the first place, university authorities take a very dim view of experiments on human beings, even if these subjects are the scientists themselves, volunteering for the part.

Second, a previous experiment had indicated in a rather startling way that POWER WAS NOT REQUIRED TO EVOKE EFFECTS IN THE HUMAN NERVOUS SYSTEM. In fact, there seemed to be SOME SORT OF RESONANT FREQUENCY APPLICABLE TO EACH INDIVIDUAL HUMAN.

Effects on Humans . .

Spreading The Truth .
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