LSD Testing On British Marines 1964 Original Full Footage .

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LSD Testing On British Marines 1964 Original Full Footage .
« on: February 23, 2020, 03:24:26 PM »
24  June  2018  .

LSD Testing On British Troops 41 Royal Marine Commando 1964 Original Full Footage .

Research to discover chemical agents able to incapacitate enemy forces but with negligible risk of fatal casualties. Aim of trial is to test effect of drug LSD 25 on behaviour of troops in field conditions. Detailed coverage of the trial follows: Marines bring in prisoners on Day 1 (Control day), then attempt same exercise on Day 2 (Drugged). One Marine in state of distress is comforted by nurse, while others smile and laugh hysterically, one attempting to cut down a tree with his spade, and another climbing the tree. CDEE umpires in white coats observe. After exercise Marines rest in bed in Porton ward, with nurses visible in background and a scientist with a reel to reel audio tape recorder capturing wild track sound of patients. One very distressed Marine is held by duffel coated doctor and scientist, muttering "I am not going to die." Cut back to end of the exercise, with Marines departing by truck, before concluding title states that despite promising results of experiment, further research is needed into methods of disseminating drug, the effects of larger doses and establishing economical production techniques. "Despite these and other problems, LSD is regarded in the light of present knowledge as one of the drugs which merits more detailed examination and testing . .

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