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« on: February 26, 2020, 08:53:38 PM »
15  October  2018  .

Itís imperative that Humanity understands the reality of warfare in these times when advanced and secret technologies are used against us on a daily basis .

From WiFi and cell phone frequencies to televisions and microwave ovens on up to the most exotic sonic weaponsóitís all disruptive and even lethal to the Human body and mind .

Because these weapons are silent and invisible, the war-loving aspects of society have been able to experiment with these methods for decades but the time for secrecy and these covert attacks on the life on our planet has come to an end .

What harm does it do? We can see the carnage if we will just look. Whales and dolphins washing up by the hundreds on beaches, bleeding from their ears, flocks of birds falling from the sky with no outward trauma, multiple forms of cancer rampantÖ itís endless .

Humanity must take responsibility for researching the technologies the establishment presents as the greatest thing since sliced bread to determine if it is a safe option or a weapon dressed up as a space age gift; a Trojan horse .

If you have not heard anything about this category of technology before it will be shocking to learn the capabilities the super powers now wield to attack their enemies with impunity .

The psychopaths who have been running the world donít think twice about experimenting on or killing anything or anyone. They must be stopped now, before itís too late . .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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