Mind blowing evidence remote neural monitoring/ synthetic telepathy implants .

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20  September  2019  .

Showing the self assembling bio nanotechnology implants that are in my ears and brain. These are used for mind mapping and remote neural monitoring, which is basically trauma based mind control torture .

These implants also cause strange images to appear which look like demons and I show the photographs of these electromagnetically induced demons here .

These nano sensors include invasive wires that grow into my tissues and self assembling nano sensors and self assembling crystals (not shown) which serve to amplify the electromagnetic quality of brainwaves or neurons firing to enable the perpetrators to get a good signal for mind mapping /reading.It is a two way system: speakers and other electromagnetic devices pick up and amplify these signals that they are sending me . That enables me to record them.  You can hear some of those recordings on my other videos. basically they send subliminal messaging and other abuse, much of it is to trick my brain into hearing that people all around me are saying the same things over and over ( psychic driving and false flag provocation)  .

These implants are also used to imitate peoples voices and sound very realistic. Also these implants influence me to experience a very different reality due to them altering the field around me. I believe also that this influences people to behave oddly when nearby. The operators can locate and influence electromagnetic fields of my brain waves and neurons and can get me to hear anything or see anything that they want.  These implants basically are used to control my auditory reality.  The tracking is used to send gang stalkers or organised stalkers to abuse me in very specific ways .

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWi3CzC9uOY .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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