Rothschilds appoint John Kingman to the British Treasury

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Rothschilds appoint John Kingman to the British Treasury
« on: September 14, 2012, 09:54:36 PM »
The Editor

Rothschilds appoint John Kingman to the British Treasury

Written by Green Arrow

So the real rulers of the world, the Rothschilds and their kind have appointed John Kingman as second permanent secretary to the British Treasury.
Kingman is a former Treasury employee who left to work for the Rothchilds in 2010, where he no doubt received his training and instructions, whilst working for them as the global co-head of the Rothschilds investment banks.
He is now ready to return as the Rothschilds Gauleiter to ensure the British Treasury does as instructed by their New World Order masters.
There was an outcry from some decent people in 2009 when the news about Kingman leaving the Treasury to go work for the evil Rothschild empire was first announced.

But those objections were overruled, and so Kingsman took our financial secrets and our Treasury policy with him to his new masters, who I am sure made full use of the information he collected during his time at the treasury.

Remember, it was the Rothschilds who stole a fortune from the British People, when they were responsible for directing Margaret Thatcher on how to handle the hand over of our nations assets of Gas, Water and Electricity companies to her global masters so they could bleed our people dry and enrich themselves.
One day these utility companies will be taken back into public ownership with no compensation paid to those who stole them from the people in the first place.
Despite his protestations of innocence many people in the financial world believe that Kingman was also responsible for the catastrophic run on the mortgage bank Northern Rock.

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