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  1. Scotland Yard's former head of Counter Terrorism rejects claims we
  2. Troubling questions regarding armed police
  3. Abuse of Power-Letter to Bernard Hogan Howe
  4. In many ways Britain has gone beyond Orwell's predictions
  5. Police State ?
  6. Shoe-horned into the EU--VIDEO-Ted Heath and other traitors
  7. Britain First leader Paul Golding in court but not Anjem Choudary
  8. To the Secretary of State for Justice, Mr Michael Gove, MP.
  9. One More Step towards the Big Brother State
  10. Former detective confirms freemasons criminalising UK criminal justice system
  11. Help Norman Scarth(90) get to his brother's funeral without being arrested.
  12. Peter Hofschroer's life is in grave danger!
  13. Shocking video of police on the run
  14. Jack the Ripper---DNA Breakthrough
  15. Devon and Cornwall Police warned over accuracy of crime figures
  16. Treason
  17. Written by a Former Police Officer
  18. Manchester---Police chief Sir Peter Fahy
  19. Police files reveal 'endemic corruption' at the Met
  20. Email to IPCC regarding misconduct of Staffordshire police
  21. I am starting a registered charity
  22. Saturday 2nd August 2014, anti police corruption day
  24. Christian Preacher John Craven Held ‘Without Food Or Water’
  25. Ref Dispensations for penalties for IRA crimes.
  26. Couple_at_centre_of__police_brutality__video_appeal_for_witnesses/
  27. Private-citizen-wins-right-to-prosecute-met-police-
  28. Police & Crime Commissioner of North Yorks under Fire
  29. Armed PC who had sex with married woman while on duty
  30. Police Arrests - BNP Councillors Arrested - E-Update
  31. Police investigate 169 staff over predatory sexual behaviour
  32. 10 years since suspicious death of David Kelly
  33. Welcome to the Police state?
  34. Call an MP a coward and face jail
  35. Leveson gagged me over police smears
  36. Uk-police-to-be-granted-sweeping-new-powers
  37. Cleveland_Police_take_delivery_of_two_liveried_cars
  38. Cleveland police wasted millions in vendetta
  39. Letter to The Commissioner of Police
  40. Police undercover archives probed
  41. Evidence Gathering Teams
  42. IPCC Criticised for Errors In Investigation Into Sean Rigg Death
  44. First-female-chief-constable-found-guilty
  45. Norman Scarth--Video
  46. Sex-Offences-Investigation-Unit-Lost-Sight-Of-Policing
  47. Facebook, the best thing that ever happened to the police
  48. A Madness Shared by Two
  49. Foreigners and officers as young as 30 could become chief constables
  50. Speed camera's--the good guys and the bad guys


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