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Title: PEAS, a secret superfood!
Post by: the leveller on November 14, 2013, 10:37:18 PM

PEAS, a secret superfood!

Dear Friends,

So many of the best supplement manufacturers agree the best possible plant to use in their protein powders is peas.


Pea proteins also have a benefit of unlocking and removing the build up toxic levels of partial proteins. Such partial proteins from GMO wheat for example, which can build up in all the wrong places in the body.


Mixing peas and rice, or any legume and grain together makes a super complete protein. Better protein powder blends in the market combine rice with peas.


Always choose dry peas to make (soak over night etc) if you don't have access to fresh peas in the pods. The canned type loses more than 90% of the phytonutrients. They also taste much better!


Best Regards

Rev Stephen