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Title: Admiral Ace Lyons (Rtd) speaks about Muslims!
Post by: the watcher on March 20, 2016, 08:39:16 PM

 Admiral Lyons (Rtd) speaks about Muslims! (



Well said Admiral - at least you can see what we can all see...and the politicans cannot!


This was 11th Feb 2015 and it went round a couple of times last year. Some bright spark caught it all on camera!


Note - it's the "older" men who speak out and can see the dangers of Islam!


As he rightly says - "they are using our democracy, to conquer us!"


They are indeed - watch London, with the Mayoral Elections coming up!





Stan - I totally agree! Words of wisdom...
Only 3 minutes - Stunning Video the country was never supposed to see....

Secretary of State John Kerry introduces Admiral Ace Lyons to speak at a private meeting.


He probably regrets doing so.