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Post by: the leveller on May 09, 2016, 08:53:35 AM


With much distraction from bloody noisy RAF aeroplanes, I have finally managed to send this to my local paper.  He will print it.


Please send as widely as you can  -  if you wish, that is.





Britain’s sovereignty was given away in 1972 by Edward Heath in the most grievous act of treason in British history.  Diligently pursuing his treachery, every following parliament has been an unlawful assembly unqualified to legally govern.  This means that every Act and EU Treaty since 1972 is null and void as treason has no authority in law.


Putting foreign political agenda before sworn allegiance, British politicians have since the 70’s overseen the silent removal of Britain’s industry, fishing grounds, democracy, culture, rights and freedoms and replaced them with political correctness, unstoppable immigration, growing unrest and overlooked foreign cultural domination.  Our world class legal system, police and armed forces have been wilfully decimated and billions of our money squandered to prop up the ruinous EU.  We are told blatant lies of beneficial EU membership and why giving up our country is good for us while the EU controls our media to lull us into false belief in the failing totalitarian disaster unfolding in Europe.  Once IN, our NHS will be killed off and our savings taken at will to plug exponential EU debt.  Yet millions of British lives were lost in two world wars to save and protect us from these things.


From birth, the law demands a strict duty of allegiance from every British subject.  That means YOU.  But do not think that voting in the EU referendum will resolve anything as it will likely reflect EU intention, not yours.  “If voting made any difference, we wouldn’t do it”, Peter Mandelson once said.  In 2015 the nation voted UKIP.  We got Cameron.  While Britain slumbers on, only when the nation becomes ANGRY can it be saved.  And time is now very short indeed.  It’s up to you.