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Title: You wont see this on the BBC
Post by: the leveller on May 18, 2016, 06:19:48 PM (

Please watch this 14 min video of Paul Weston, speaking to an American audience.

It was posted 3rd March and has had 416,000 views already.

I sent it round soon after it came on line, saying it was the best video this year - it still is!

I agree with every point he do many others that I know!

We have failed our children and especially our grandchildren, by letting this travesty occur!

The politicians - whom we trusted - have badly failed us and the whole nation - they should be removed......permanently, for what they have done to England!

Interpret that how you wish!  I mean it!


Paul Weston starkly lays out the nightmare future for us and most of Europe.

It becomes even more impossible to turn back the tide as the decades (and numbers) roll on. (

(14 minutes)