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Title: CIA engineer Dr Robert Duncan & Tyrone Dew, Directed Energy Weaponry Targeted In
Post by: sr john on March 16, 2019, 08:25:19 PM
This interview is the second of former CIA engineer Dr. Robert Duncan and Tyrone Dew explaining the CIA is using Voice of God Directed Energy Weapons to biohack certain citizens.

Most victims either commit suicide or mass shootings!

Mass shooters who've complained about being victims of directed energy attacks are

Aaron Alexis, the September 16, 2013 Washington Navy Yard Shooter

Myron May, the November 20, 2014
Florida State shooter

Esteban Santiago, the January 5, 2017
Fort Lauderdale airport shooter

Most victims lives are ruined and misdiagnosed as mentally ill because no one is thoroughly investigating victims claims . .