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29 Aug 2013 .


Electronic chips became so "ordinary" nowadays that we don't even think about them anymore. They are everywhere: in our calculators, our computers, our household appliance etc. For a couple of years, we also have been finding them on our bank cards, social security cards, credit cards and even...on our identity cards!

There’s a specific kind of microchip that’s put on consumer products, for "logistics" reasons: RFID chips. Tags fitted with the biggest RFID chips (RFID = Radio Frequency Identification Devices) are made of adhesive paper a few square centimeters long, and have a square shaped, coiled antenna. This "RFID tags" system has been used by the U.S. military and the military in general for quite a while.

A traditional RFID tag…

The smallest RFID chips are tiny (they are the size of a speck of dust!). After the military, private companies are now getting into them too: Gillette razors and Benetton clothing, as well as the Carrefour supermarkets, add tiny chips on the packaging of their products, and sometimes even IN the products themselves, and these chips are destined to replace the barcodes we find on all our products! These chips emit signals, which, among other things, allow them to identify the need to "replenish stores" as soon as these are out of stock with their products. But RFID chips, which are already nicknamed “spychips”, could also be used as "spies" that we are likely to bring back home! In particular, they could be used to profile customers, to know their habits etc. Who can guarantee that they won’t be used to eliminate gradually our privacy? Interestingly, RFID chips have historically started to be used in the military field (fuselage aircraft, etc.) for... spying . ! .  .