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Title: Letter from Albert Burgess
Post by: the leveller on August 09, 2019, 06:27:17 PM
John Robins QPM Albert Burgess
Chief Constable 15 Parliament Road
West Yorkshire Police HQ Thame
Bishops Garth House South Oxfordshire
Bradford Road OX9 3TE
Wakefield 05-08-2019
Ref uniform
I am attaching a print from FB of a group of your officers at a (pride)??? Event as you can see they have covered the official chequered hat band with gay pride colours they have painted their faces with pride colours and two have covered their faces with glitter in the background is an Inspector grinning like a Cheshire cat, he is wearing a ribbon round his neck in the pride colours.
The office of constable is an old and honourable office of state, with the office comes a considerable responsibility to protect her Majesty’s subjects. They are not there to flaunt their sexuality. If these officers were on duty they must dress strictly according to the uniform code. These officers have brought your force into disrepute, I would point out that homosexuals are a small but noisy minority the more silent majority on whose support the police rely are heterosexual their sexual desires can be classified as normal. The silent majority do not like minorities ramming their sexuality, race or religion down their throats.
Your officers if they are on duty are required to wear regulation uniform not dress like clowns if they wish to dress like this I would suggest they work in a circus not disgrace a uniform with an honourable history. If they are not on duty they do not wear the uniform or in anyway do or say anything which identifies them as holders of the office of constable. I would like you to identify these officers and discipline them and in future I require you to enforce the discipline codes for your officers. That is a responsibility you have failure to carry it out constitutes a neglect of duty on your part.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess
What is it to hold the ancient office of constable?
In 1956 I was a twelve year old in a boarding school on Hayling Island Hampshire the man in charge of our dormitory of twenty boys was a Mr Driver he had been a sailor in the Royal Navy and a Metropolitan police Sgt on the cars, at night he would walk up and down the dormitory as he regaled us with stories of his life in the navy and the police he instilled in a twelve your old boy a good idea of what a great honour it is to be selected to hold the office of constable. An honour I still feel today. He taught me that the office of constable is the most important office you can hold, because you are charged to look after the welfare of all the Queens subjects, the Queen took an oath to govern us according to our laws and customs, it is the job of the constable to apply those laws and customs in the Queens name. The constable has authority under the law to go anywhere in the Kingdom and he has authority granted to him by the office of state he holds to arrest anyone who breaks the Queens Laws and customs. This places on the holder of the office of constable a greater responsibility than that held by government. Government are there to administer the day to day running of this ancient Kingdom they are the housewife of the kingdom they collect the taxes and pay the Kingdoms bills. But it is the constable who is charged with making this a safe place to bring up our children. Mr Driver instilled in me a love of Queen and country and a sense of the honour bestowed upon the constable.
Title: Re: Letter from Albert Burgess
Post by: the leveller on August 09, 2019, 06:30:14 PM
Dear Mr Burgess,
Thank you for writing to me concerning attendance of Hertfordshire Police Officers and staff at the Pride parade in Brighton last weekend. I believe we are going to significantly disagree over the importance of this event and our attendance, for which I will absolutely not be considering misconduct matters.
Hertfordshire officers and staff attended, in uniform, with my full blessing and support. We are responsible for policing everyone in our communities, which includes both the many and the few. Policing needs to build and maintain the confidence of all in society to be truly effective, which means we must engage with and listen to every community. This also requires all communities to be able to see themselves sufficiently reflected within our workforce. We strive to achieve inclusion, not division and bigotry, because this is the decent human thing to do and also makes society safer as a whole. Our participation in Pride events goes a long way to achieving this amongst LGBT+ communities, a community which has for far too long suffered prejudice and discrimination within society.
It would also be wholly wrong of you to assume that all those attending were all members of the LGBT+ community given that Pride events enjoy considerable support throughout the whole police workforce. Those attending did so in their own time and I will be joining them at future similar events.
Yours sincerely,

Charlie Hall QPM MA(Cantab) MSc
Chief Constable
Hertfordshire Constabulary, Stanborough Road, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6XF
Tel: 01707 354501
I will of course reply to this fool. Albert

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Title: Re: Letter from Albert Burgess
Post by: the leveller on August 09, 2019, 06:33:15 PM
Charlie Hall QPM MA (Cantab) MSc
Hertfordshire Constabulary
Stanborough Road
Ref uniform and behaviour of officers
The older I get I keep thinking nothing can surprise me any more, but after reading your letter in reply to my letter which was copied to all Chief Officers I have to admit I am surprised. Yep you have surprised me. Three of my children went to university all have degrees; it was a requirement for them to be able to read.
You apparently have a degree but cannot read, Your letters tone is clearly that you think my complaint is homophobic, yet at no time were any of my comments homophobic indeed at no time did I mention homosexuals at all. Nor have I assumed all the painted idiots were homosexual I do understand that some officers of normal sexual orientation will paint them selves up and behave like idiots because they want to be seen to fit in. May I suggest officers policing areas with a large black population could better fit in by painting their faces black? I am not being racist here merely trying to help your officers to fit in.
My complaint purely concerns the behaviour of officers at a pride march and about the total lack of attention to the uniform dress codes. Which were clearly flouted by officers attending this pride event and by them dancing around like a group of demented dervishes?
You seem fixated on the rights of minorities but let me say this if you added every minority group together they are still a small percentage of the entire population of over 60,000 000 the vast amount contributed by the majority population to pay yours and your officers salaries dwarfs the amount contributed by all the minorities put together. So maybe just maybe you should consider the feelings of the majority who pay your wages However I would like to make a further suggestion to make officers more inclusive as The vast majority of the population who are heterosexual have associated with them two colours pink for women and blue for men. So will you in future see to it all your officers wear pink and blue ribbons on their uniform and paint pink and blue lines on their faces to be inclusive with the people who employ you? This will be particularly relevant when policing marches protesting the industrial scale rape and prostitution of our young school girls by Islamic rape gangs, I realise this gives you some thing of a problem Muslims being a minority group but then so is the entire criminal element of society who you do not seem to have a problem arresting for their crimes.
There was a time when police officers did not have degrees what they had was common sense and a sense of the dignity attached to the uniform.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess