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Title: Proof I'm Implanted - The VA Hospital Implanted Me Against My Will .
Post by: sr john on September 03, 2019, 07:20:56 PM
Published on 31 Aug 2019 .

I'm a victim on Non-consensual human experimentation, likely my entire life. I have been implanted, tracked like an animal for decades. The program is called Remote Neural Monitoring, the ability to read, send and receive human thought from a distance. There are thousands of us. I describe the condition as a Victim of Involuntary Technology Interface; our entire body is hacked. EVERY victim is chipped, but their disinformation campaign has convinced many that they are not chipped. They cannot read our thoughts from a distance without the electronics installed in our bodies. I served our nation for 25 Years. This is my thanks from a grateful Nation . .