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Title: Newsbreak 31: Neelu Berry Reports Continued Mental Health Harassment .
Post by: sr john on October 05, 2019, 05:14:38 PM
 22 July  2019 .

Updating conversation on the unfortunate continuance of wrongful mental health frauds being attempted by Redbridge Council against pharmacist whistleblower and activist Neelu Berry, whose home was stolen by the Council after her whistleblowing regarding the medical malpractice and in-hospital trafficking which led to the death of her baby niece, and after speaking out on other child abuse and trafficking cases related to the underground pedophile network whose crimes are being increasingly revealed today.

Neelu also updates all on other cases, including Edward Ellis' and John Paterson. While John's large-supporter-base led to his release from a wrongful psych-hold, Edward's mass remedy process work is being thwarted currently by wrongful pursuit by mental health workers affiliated with Redbridge Council . .