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10 November 2019 .

5G Technology Health Risks UK . Debate . 

11 November 2019 .

Myanmar is to face accusations of genocide at the UN’s highest court over its treatment of Rohingya  Muslims .

A 46-page application has been submitted to the international court of justice by the Gambia, alleging Myanmar   has carried out mass murder, rape and destruction of communities in Rakhine state .

If the ICJ takes up the case, it will be the first time the court in The Hague has investigated genocide claims on its own without relying on the findings of other tribunals, such as the international criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia  which it consulted for claims against Serbia and Croatia .

Under the rules of the ICJ, the application argues, member states can bring actions against other member states over disputes alleging breaches of international law – in this case the 1948 convention  on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide . .
World / The Lab Rat Who Knew Too Much .
« Last Post by sr john on Yesterday at 08:35:18 PM »
23 October 2019 .

It's a wild one!  Starting from the strange death of 33 year old tech entrepreneur Erin Valenti, I take you on a tour of our real life Matrix of control. PTSD, Technocracy, real Mind Control tech, human trafficking, "Future Faking," reputation management and more... .
7th year of me being a v2k victim  tortured sexually abused sleep deprived and mind controlled even shocked into the head. reported every day non stop nsa sapol federal no one cares they all are lazy so this may move some asses! ill be using this in court and sending it to the nsa and sapol the next time i report our v2k voice into ears and head attacks. audio bursts into ears . come one people , let this family involved and corrupt police Whom have covered for them be finally brought to justice.  93/95/96 second ave moana adelaide south australia 5169 all involved in this gang stalking gaslighting v2k mind control.. .
1 December 2016 .

What could once only be imagined in science fiction is now increasingly coming to fruition: Drones can be flown by human brains thoughts .

Pharmaceuticals can help Soldiers forget traumatic experiences  or produce feelings of trust to encourage confession in interrogation .   DARPA-funded research is working on everything from implanting Brain Chips  to neural Dust in an effort to alleviate the effects of traumatic experience in war. Invisible microwave beams produced by military contractors and tested on US prisoners can produce the sensation of burning at a distance .

What all these techniques and technologies have in common is that they’re recent neuroscientific breakthroughs propelled by military research within a broader context of rapid neuroscientific development, driven by massive government-funded projects in both America  and the European Union  Even while much about the brain remains mysterious this research has contributed to the rapid and startling development of neuroscientific technology .

And while we might marvel at these developments, it is also undeniably true that this state of affairs raises significant ethical questions. What is the proper role – if any – of neuroscience in national defense or war efforts ?  My research  addresses these questions in the broader context of looking at how international relations, and specifically warfare, are shaped by scientific and medical expertise and technology . .
16 November 2019 .

A woman who sleeps under a space blanket in an aluminium foil covered tent says she believes masts on the roof of the high rise block of flats in which she lives have made her ill .

The 46-year-old, who lives in a flat in Leicester, has taken the bed out of her room and replaced it with the tent in an attempt to minimise symptoms including anaemia and stomach and chest pains, which she believes are linked to radiation from the masts .

The woman, who is shortly due to start a new job with a delivery firm, has lived in her home at Carrick Point, Falmouth Road, Evington, for four years. She says she has been experiencing a host of symptoms for a year . .
UK National Health Service / Resonance: Beings of Frequency ( FULL DOCUMENTARY ) .
« Last Post by sr john on November 16, 2019, 06:30:42 PM »
29 August 2018 .

The first documentary film to investigate the actual mechanisms by which mobile phone technology can cause cancer. Resonance takes a deeper look at how humanity is reacting to the most profound environmental change the planet has ever seen. Two billion years ago life first appeared on earth, a planet bathed in a natural electromagnetic frequency. As life slowly evolved from simple to complex organisms, it did so surrounded by this frequency, forming a harmonic relationship with it, a relationship that science is just beginning to comprehend. New research is showing that exposure to this frequency is vital to human beings. It controls our mental and physical health, it synchronizes our circadian rhythms, it aids our immune system, and it improves our overall sense of well-being. Not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies, our bodies are suffused with them. Our cells communicate using electromagnetic frequencies. Our brain emits a constant stream of frequencies and our DNA delivers instructions using frequency waves. Without them, we could not exist .

« Last Post by the leveller on November 16, 2019, 01:33:26 PM »
Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: November 15, 2019
In: News

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I have been following British electoral politics since the end of the 1950s and never has there been such a threat to the entire basis of our civilisation as in this election.
Labour’s Bankrupting spending pledges and nationalisation programme will cripple us with massive debts and higher taxes
Islamophobia threat to democracy. Labour will imprison you for criticising Islamic teaching or for “fearing Islam”. Because, as Lord mandelson admitted, Labour “scoured the world” for immigrants who would vote for them they have become in effect the Islamic extremist Party with known vote riggers allied to Corbyn.
Labour’s Mass free immigration policy will continue this trend
The Corbyn clique is a serious Marxist threat to the family through the militant LGBT movement.
Labour and the Lib Dems represent a Massive threat to child physical and mental health through transgender politics and the forced medication of children to delay puberty
Labour and the Lib Dems will reverse the will of the people and remain in the EU
I have spent 30 years seeking 1. a vote by the British people to leave the corporatist fascist and German imperialist European Union and 2. a British political party led by and committed to the necessary legislation to leave the EU. At last we have both. We cannot afford more delay. The deal negotiated by Johnson after the treasonous May deal is flawed but do-able.  I explain why below.
So do we need (at this election) the Brexit Party? A Deltapoll showed that when asked how they would vote with the Brexit Party on the ballot paper, 41% would vote Conservative, 29% said Labour, 16% went for the Lib Dems, and 6% said the Brexit Party.
When asked how they would vote without the option of the Brexit Party, the Labour score rises by 1 percentage point to 30%, but the Tory figure rises 5 percentage points to 46%.
It is therefore inevitable that votes for the Brexit Party would deliver many seats to Labour and the Lib Dems and prevent a Tory majority. That majority is essential to prevent the lying, twisting, constitution-distorting behaviour of a Remainer Parliament defying the will of the people and destroying democracy itself.
Even in the North where the Brexit Party claims that it has a better chance of beating Labour than the Tories, there has been a traditional and strong (small “C” ) conservative patriotic vote within Labour ranks – of the kind that supports Brexit – but which has little or nothing in common with Nigel Farage. Indeed when I was lead candidate for UKIP in 1999 in the North East and we achieved over 8% of the vote we wrote our own election leaflets rather than follow the Farage line.
So unless there is real proven local polling which shows the Brexit Party has the best chance of victory in a constituency or the local Tory candidate is not an open Remainer then the obvious and critical vote is for the Conservative candidate and the probability of “Leave by Christmas”!
Time is critical. The costs of EU economic collapse falling on us as we delay Brexit and the boredom (or antipathy) of our US and Commonwealth friends waiting for a trade deal would be massive. The US Government’s trade promotion authority will expire in July 2020.
Because of the grotesque treachery and incompetence of Theresa May (who will go down in history as an ideological companion to Edward Heath) this official Leave deal will see the UK leave the EU but there will be no deal on trade. That has to be negotiated. As I pointed out a long time ago there were two “no deals” on the table. The one Theresa May and her Remainer Parliament rejected and Theresa May’s deal itself.
However the very worst of the May deal has gone and the template for the imminent trade deal negotiations is far more acceptable and will greatly enhance the UK’s bargaining position in the trade negotiations to come. The Government has committed to ending the trade negotiations by December 2020.
So here is a brief summary of the strengths of the Johnson Leave deal:
The end of the Irish backstop means the end of the UK in the EU customs union – so now able to make trade deals with US, NZ, Canada, Australia, the Trans Pacific Partnership etc. Those trade partners make clear the Northern Ireland situation does not affect their desire to do deals.
Under the May deal the EU would have been able to effectively use the backstop to keep us in the EU until we signed up to any crippling terms. Now the UK can just walk away if the terms are not fair and in our interests.
While May’s deal committed to a customs union in goods trade, Boris’s commitment is to a straight Free Trade Agreement with regulatory divergence – so trading partners can now get on with the job of negotiating.
The Transition period will not hinder the UK – trade negotiations take time to come into effect so 1st Jan 2021 is no problem.
EU Labour and environmental standards are relevant for both EU and US so there is no difference there – despite Labour scare mongering.
There is no question of breaking up the NHS for the sake of a US trade deal – President Trump has specifically rejected that. All drugs and many operations are already private sector provided to the NHS.
Not once in all my years as a US trade policy advisor or on the advisory committees to the United States Trade Representative did I ever hear that the NHS was a US negotiating objective. Shanker Singham
In the new Political Declaration there is no longer a requirement for rules alignment with the EU. Rules on competition and State aids are replaced by a commitment to not distort trade and the new aim is for “trade as frictionless as possible”. All these rebalance the trade negotiations to the benefit and freedom of the UK.
Finally on the potentially dangerous arrangements for the UK’s involvement in European Defence and procurement there is a specific change whereby it is the UK’s decision whether to partake in any European defence operations.
There are still great problems with this agreement – on the amount payable to the EU (although much of that refers simply to our delayed departure) the continued powers of the European Court, the rights of EU citizens in the UK for years to come (although a strong UK Government can ensure these must be reciprocated for UK citizens in Europe) and potential damaging laws in the transition period.
But the most insightful legal analyst of this EU UK crisis over many years, Martin Howe QC, believes that the urgency of our departure is so great that it must be done and the above constitute “a cheque the British people must pay for the negligence of Theresa May.”
It is indeed payment for decades of betrayal by the British political class and we must be thankful that we at last have a nation, a people and a Government dedicated to putting our constitution, parliament, democracy, free trade and freedom above all else.
But only a Government with a substantial majority can see this through. Only a Parliament with fewer Labour and Liberal Democrat saboteurs can see our constitution and democracy restored.
Europe - UK / Letter to D.I.Trevor Normoyle
« Last Post by the leveller on November 15, 2019, 04:32:49 PM »
D.I.Trevor Normoyle                                                                       Albert Burgess
Central Specialist Crime                                                                   
Special Enquiries Team                                                                 
Room 205 Third Floor                                                                     
Jubilee House                                                                                 
230-232 Putney Bridge Road                                                           14-11-2019
SW15 2PD
Ref CRN 1229576/19
Dear Trevor
Thank you for your letter dated 5-11-2019 I understand your point about a lack of evidence but the purpose of a detective is to detect. For example if I told you whilst out walking my dog on the canal bank I saw a body floating with a knife in its back I doubt you would ask for evidence before you investigated my allegation of murder. However I take your point. I will skip straight to the treason allegation forgoing the miss conduct in public office.
I exhibit as exhibit AB1 a copy of the 1351 Treason Act highlighted at a man doth compass or imagine the death of the King. There is a vast difference between a Queen who is sovereign as is our Queen Elizabeth II and a Queen who is not sovereign like her mother Queen Elizabeth who was only Queen by virtue of the fact she was married to King George VI who like Queen Elizabeth II was a lawfully anointed King. in accordance with the English common law arrangements for our King our lawfully anointed Queen Elizabeth II is the supreme governor of England and the only authority over her is God. If Queen Elizabeth II uses her Royal Prerogative to prorogue Parliament for the best of reasons or simply because she felt the need, there is no authority below God on the planet who can reverse that without committing high treason against her Majesty's Royal person. For the justices of the Supreme Court to over turn the prorogation they have placed themselves above the lawfully anointed Queen of England, this is to imagine her Majesty's death as a fully sovereign Queen anointed according to the common law as it applies to England's Kings. This constitutes an act of high treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act.
I exhibit as exhibit AB2 the flyleaf and page 190 of Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England admissible in any of her Majesty's courts as a statement of the laws of England. The highlighted section gives her Majesty's position as a fully sovereign Queen of England.
I exhibit as exhibit AB3 a print of the 1559 Act of Supremacy a number of sections have been highlighted as of particular relevance to the position held by a lawfully anointed King/Queen of England.
I exhibit as exhibit AB4 a print out of the supreme courts ruling on the prorogation of Parliament by the Justices of the Supreme Court. On page one it points out that her Majesty at a meeting of the Privy Council on the 28th August  ordered the prorogation of Parliament, and this prorogation was to take effect between 9th and 12th of September. The court in exhibit AB4 talks about Parliamentary sovereignty this is a misnomer Parliament is only sovereign when the lawfully anointed sovereign is present in their person in Parliament. On the 8th March 1784 after a twenty year running fight between King George III and the House of Commons as to where ultimate sovereignty lays did it lay with the lawfully anointed King or the elected house, after a speech by Pitt the younger a vote was taken. King George III won the vote no vote has been taken since. So by the common law of Kingship and by Parliamentary vote Her Most Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Supreme Governor of England over whom only God has authority. Subject only to those limitations placed on himself by King Alfred when he was elevated to the Crown of the English realm.
I exhibit as exhibit 7 and 8 two print outs from to old books on English History dealing with King George III fight with the House of Commons.   
The Justices of the supreme court used the 1611 Case of Proclamations, and Entick v Carrington to determine their right to over turn her Majesty's prorogation of Parliament.
I exhibit a print of the 1611 Case of Proclamations as exhibit AB 5, I submit this has no bearing at all on the right of Queen Elizabeth II as the lawfully anointed Queen of England from where all her other Titles Prerogatives and Superiorities flow. To use her prerogatives in the service of her subjects and prorogue Parliament as and when she likes. The case deals with King James I attempting to exceed the authority set on England's Kings by the common law by trying people himself.. It is therefore inappropriate to refer to this case as giving guidance on the Sovereigns right to prorogue Parliament for the best of reasons or simply because they are having a bad hair day.
 I exhibit as exhibit AB6. The case of Entick v Carrington which concerns what the courts later ruled to be a trespass and illegal search by Carrington acting on the instructions of Lord Halifax who sat on the Privy Council. Carrington and others entered property belonging to Entick they spent four hours in the property searching every room and removing a large number of papers. I fail to see that this case has any relevance whatsoever to the use of the prerogative by the lawfully anointed Queen to prorogue Parliament. Being as it was a trespass and theft of papers. Today we would call this aggravated burglary.   
The court using these two cases of dubious authority decided the power to prorogue Parliament cannot be unlimited. This contravenes the common law and custom and practice of England as it applies to our Kings going back to the legal codes of Alfred 1133 years ago. King Alfred the Great was the first supreme governor of the English
I exhibit as exhibit AB9 a print from Sir Mathew Hale CJ on the Prerogatives of the King the highlighted section lays out the Position of a lawfully anointed King of England CJ Hale is acknowledged as England's greatest ever Judge.
I exhibit as exhibit AB10 a print from the Prerogatives of the Crown by Joseph Chitty 1820 this is the book of reference used by Parliament and is found in the House of Commons library. I would refer you to the highlighted section.
As holders of the office of constable all constables took an oath before God and to the lawfully anointed sovereign to uphold the sovereigns law, without political correctness or convenience to get a quite life. But to uphold the Queens laws the way they are written not as we would like them to be. All her Majesty's Justices have a non molestation order place on them so a sitting Justice  cannot be arrested whilst he is sitting except for when the Justice is arrested for acts of treason.
You asked for evidence this is supplied by exhibits AB4/5/6. The law as it is written is laid out in all other exhibits.
Her Majesty's subjects pay all holders of the honourable office of constable to detect offences, treason according to Blackstone CJ is the most serious offence there is. The Justices of the supreme court are guilty of high treason by placing their will over the will of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. You as the holder of the ancient office of constable are charged with the responsibility to place these eleven Justices before her Majesty's courts in defence of the Crown of England, there is no greater responsibility. Failure to prosecute treason constitutes the major crime at common law of Misprision of treason the tariff is severe. 
Respectfully Submitted
Albert Burgess

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