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Title: Dr Robert Duncan Lecture 2 Intelligent Systems of Control .
Post by: sr john on March 16, 2019, 07:57:58 PM
The Final Bases Project International Conference lecture for 2015, Robert Duncan delivers his 2nd briefing, this time on Intelligent Systems of Control.
I will begin by saying, we are living in a time where the dangers of Military technology is now beyond our control. We live as guinea pigs in a world where those with the power, knowledge and technology keep us from our true freedom. To live with free will in this beautiful world. They manipulate us, direct us and destroy everything that was truly divine and sacred in our mind.

In this timeline we must decide, will they take our spirit and destroy what god intended or will we stand and fight the evil and it’s new designs. Faith, we must have faith.

Dr. Robert Duncan is a scientist and engineer who worked on black projects for DARPA, CIA, Justice Department and the Department of Defense. He was involved in artificial intelligence and cybernetics. As an MIT student he studied under professor Noam Chomsky on linguistics, studying computer AI language.

During his career he became aware of the military’s experimentation on targeting US civilian populations and soon realized he was part of creating a dangerous weapon if used for dark projects. .