What can I do to help stop the NW0

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What can I do to help stop the NW0
« on: October 12, 2013, 09:14:42 PM »
What can I do to help stop the NWO?

After people question and become aware of what is happening in the world we often hear them say “but what can I do about it, I’m only one person” or “I’ll start voting for this party” or “I will send a donation to that organisation to help them.”  More determined people want to get involved and do something and most turn to political parties to vent their anger. Some people work very hard with their respective party and have literally become hooked in the belief that they will be able to effect change. There are instances of people and groups seemingly making breakthroughs and hopefully getting somewhere only for their hopes to be dashed at the last minute and that of their followers as the inevitable splits and troubles occur. This often appears as utter madness to those involved, especially as those arguing supposedly want what is best for their nation and its people. I do not believe these splits are coincidences and it is my belief that all of these parties are controlled by agents of the state - whether that is by the use of blackmail or by being willing accomplices is for people to come to their own conclusions. Politics is just another divide and conquer tactic to split us all up. Put simply this attitude, although mostly well meaning is not helping and as the past decades have proven beyond doubt this has not really stopped the elite moving forward with their plans for global enslavement. 

Many people are just drifting along at the moment waiting for the next Cromwell to come along so they can get behind him/her. As happened to JFK, Princess Diana and many others, real leaders in opposition to this worldwide police state often don’t last very long, so are we wise to wait for some patriot that may not come?  I believe there is an alternative choice that every person in the world can play their own part in, which needs very little “leadership” (that could be subverted by the state). People have to start to take back control of their own lives again, just like our forefathers had to do to survive years back. We need to go back to basics but with a 21st century slant on it.

Below is a simple list that every person can at least have a go at if they wish. This is in no way complete or in any particular order, just my initial brief thoughts (each heading warrants its own full article). It may be more difficult than what you are now used to but in the end it will be very beneficial for you and others, but at the same time will throw a big spanner in the works of the banksters and their useful idiots trying to control our every thought and movement.

1) BANKING Boycott banks, draw your money out (just keep in what you need for direct debits and bills for now), cause runs on the banks to cause them problems. You can buy silver, gold and other commodities that will hedge against hyperinflation/deflation and the coming currency defaults. The banks stole money from the Cypriots, so it can happen anywhere. Your Money is NOT safe in a bank and can be stolen from you at any point they deem fit. Watch the Keiser Report on RT (Channel 85 on freeview) for more information.

2) HEALTH Your doctor is mostly following orders set down by the awful World Health Organisation. They give you vaccinations - mmr vaccines cause autism in children and chemotherapy poisons the body as an example. Get a book on old remedies of yesteryear – they really do work like Granny said. There are good alternative cures for most ailments. Boost your immune system by taking Vitamin D so you don’t get the flu (I haven’t had flu for 5yrs now!). You can then stop paying out for prescriptions, save money and feel a lot better. Brits are overweight and we need to get fit again. Start training. There are many good doctors and nurses, so go with your gut instinct but do research the horrid pharmaceutical companies.

3) FOOD Boycott Supermarkets. This is very hard as they are convenient but people have already successfully made the change. Supermarkets do not label Genetically Modified foods. You can start by buying your meat from a local British butchers, it might cost more but is worth having less meat but a lot more quality. Get a cook book and do proper food, not microwave meals

(microwaves should also be chucked in the bin as they alter the food). Use your money on the small people – the ones selling produce outside their homes, car boot sales, markets, farm shops. Buy in bulk (with other people also) to save money. Bags of potatoes are back down to £5/bag this year direct from the farmer. Pasta and rice can be bought in large bags from the warehouse type stores and last for a long time – good for emergencies too. Buy organic where possible. Promote this to other friends and family, get them involved too. Remember Supermarkets scan in products and one day in the future you will not be able to purchase food without a bar-code or microchip - that is where it is heading so we must organize alternatives, (unless you are happy for this to happen to your children)

4) DRINK Mad I know but you should not be drinking water from your tap as it contains fluoride and other contaminents like lithum. Fluoride affects your brain/memory, causes cancer and hardens your blood arteries. Only a reverse osmosis water filter will remove this – the little ones you have in the fridge are no good. Water should be stored in clean glass bottles – plastic is bad. Buy a juicer and do proper nutritional drinks. Have a supply of drink for emergencies.

5) ALCOHOL they clearly want to ban this but we must fight back. If the pubs go under we then need our own supply and we should use our houses as the next pub with homebrew and invited friends. They may then call it prohibition but we shall I believe always have some pop no matter what they throw at us. Buy kits from your local supplier and have a go. 40 pints for £15 or 6 bottles of wine for £10 -show me a supermarket that can beat that! Learn how to brew.

6) GROW YOUR OWN – there is no excuse. You can have herbs on a windowsill, carrots in a window box, strawberries in a pot, tumbling tomatoes in a hanging basket, a veg patch, a cold frame, a greenhouse, an allotment or right up to a small holding if people can pitch together to help with the workload, whilst sharing the produce. Use organic seed (avoid F1 hybrids). Hard work but very worthwhile and guards against rising food prices and food shortages. Let some plants go to seed and collect. Younger people need to help the older folk in a team effort. Aquaponics needs looking at. My food bill is approx £50/month – yes that does say a month.

7) FORAGING You should get a book about what foods you can eat from the land. This food is all around you, but do not be greedy and take the lot, leave some for others. Note you have to be extremely careful and know what you are doing when it comes to mushrooms & funghi. Watch River Cottage for some inspiration of what you can achieve with a bit of effort.

8) FUEL & ENERGY independent solar panels (not on grid) can charge 12v batteries which can in turn be used to charge mobile phones (communication), mp3 players (entertainment), laptops etc. This is what caravans, campervans and boats use. You can use inverters to power larger items like fridges but you will need bigger panels to maintain charge. Use small wind turbines to help generate your own energy. Coppice trees to grow your own wood & collect scrap wood for a log burner. Back boilers can run radiators. Get off grid one step at a time – stop funding corporations. New technologies are being suppressed but engineers are working on alternatives. A back-up generator & fuel is a good idea. The 3 bar gas heaters are good too. 

9) RESEARCH Possibly the most important item as with research you can understand the problems and then do something about it. The internet is a good start.

10) DON’T VOLUNTEER Don’t help their system, boycott it. You probably haven’t realised but you are making £’s for their control mechanism by recycling your waste for the councils – is your council tax bill going down? Are they clamping down on your freedoms? Save the metal cans and take them to the scrap yard yourself to earn a few quid. Takes up space and they aren’t worth a lot but you may be surprised when you add in the aluminium ones (not magnetic) and the other stuff you would normally chuck away. Failing that leave them outside for the gypsies - rather them than the council! Save the bottles for homebrew and jars for your pickles and preserves or pass to people who would use them. Don’t fill in the endless questionnaire forms

from councils, doctors, dentists etc. Refuse to have a smart meter installed in your house – it is your right.

11) MEDIA Boycott the media by completely ignoring it. Do not buy any national newspapers, do not watch news on BBC, Sky News, Channel 4 etc and don’t look at their websites – its all propaganda. Starve them of money and viewing numbers. Watch Russia Today and buy UK Column & Sovereign Independent (you can take out subscriptions) newspapers. Watch the alternative media and share with friends & family to inform them. Watch and make DVD copies of films & documentaries and hand them out. Spread the word everywhere. Produce leaflets (ask us for templates), print and hand out, put on notice boards, send to Parish Councillors.

12) PURCHASING GOODS We all know a Walker off Dads Army who could get what you needed on the black market. Do you need to buy a brand new item or can you buy a quality secondhand one or can you make it or know someone who can? As an example I made my front gate from reclaimed wood and saved £100. This is boycotting the likes of B & Q. Buy quality British items that were made to last rather than buying cheap imports that soon break.

13) BARTERING & ALTERNATIVE CURRNECY Bartering is a great way to do business. A few of us locally have an informal social where we get together and bring things with us to trade outside the banking system where no money changes hand. A friend has chickens/eggs, another grows cucumbers & chillies, I bring homebrew beer and veg plants, homegrown pickles & preserves, home made bread. We put on a table and then swap foods round. We need more doing this so there is a greater range. For people with no work but plenty of spare time they can use Time Banking (being used in Greece). This is where a person say puts time in for a friend and cuts his lawn in return for a meal or something. The Amish are an example of a united people who help each other build their houses, have their own cattle etc. 

14) CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE It is our duty to freedom and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us during 2 world wars to oppose the current tyrannical regime. It is up to you to decide how you can do your bit.

15) EXPOSURE/ALTERNATIVE MEDIA The elite remain in the shadows but after you have done your research you can start to expose them to friends and family by way of a leaflet, newsletter or word of mouth. We should all start our own alternative media with leaflets, newspapers, websites, radio shows, videos, dvd’s and cd’s etc We need to get the message out to every household in Britain (which isn’t happening at the minute as it needs to). Keep writing to your MP and local councillor, they always put their foot in it. Use that information to expose them and do not give in. It is interesting when you confront your MP in front of others with what they said in the past.

16) EDUCATION If you do not like what your children are being taught (i.e sex education to very young children which is a United Nations agenda), complain with other parents. Don’t be afraid it is they who are wrong. We need to stand up for our morals and principles. If nothing happens start petitioning other parents and boycott the school. Home schooling is growing in popularity and there is plenty of help available.

17) COMMUNICATION & NETWORKING It is essential you have alternative forms of communication. There is some very good information going round at present that need to be practiced and put in use prior to any “event” they might throw at us to fully take control of the airwaves. If all else fails, leaflets and notes are a good way of spreading the word. Know who your friends and trustworthy people are and beware of the collaborator (the true meaning of that word!). We already have a leaderless resistance network via email that would need to be maintained following a clamp down so the information spreads quickly and not rumours/disinformation. Note your mobile phone & sat nav are actually tracking devices.

18) OPPOSE BIOMETRIC I.D You should never willingly give up your biometric i.d as this is the next stage of their Orwellian nightmare to control us. Schoolchildren are being fingerprinted for their meals, they are introducing iris scans for school buses, it is being used to enter building sites. It will be on public transport and in shopping malls, banks etc. You need to oppose at all costs and group together for safety. This is why we must live outside their system so they cannot control us. This in reality is why all the elf and safety legislation was brought in so we conform to their rules. 

19) RESTORE COMMON LAW/TRIAL BY JURY researchers have proved that the Magna

Carta 1215 could never be repealed unless done by the people, which, to this day has never happened, despite the lying politicians saying there are only a few clauses relevant today. We need to keep exposing secret courts, closed hearings, trial by corrupted judges, white collar crime and the use of psychiatric clinics to shut up whistleblowers. Keep calling for trial by jury. A form of exposure would be if we all dressed up as Kangaroos and stood outside the Royal Courts of Injustice with placards to expose the sham that goes on inside. What say you skippy?

20) TREASON Researchers have proved beyond doubt that sedition and treason has been committed (not to mention war crimes and genocide) by British Governments. This now needs to be forced through by the people as the Police and Courts refuse to act and will keep protecting those at the top. Most of the public don’t know this, so help spread this information and join a co-ordinated Treason campaign, which so far has not been tried.


People need to just stop for 5 minutes and ask what they are achieving and has it worked so far? I stopped voting in 2010 and became unregistered as there is no democracy left in this country, there is only an elected dictatorship of which political parties are just a part. Even if you are involved in politics and wish to remain so, you can at least still have a go at the above too (best not put all your eggs in one basket). We do not need leaders or organisations to make changes for us, we must all do that ourselves and gradually change the way we live and do business, to help each other survive what is coming, if we are to be free and independent. On our own this would not achieve much to stop the New World Orders plans but can you imagine if we had 1 million determined people doing the above? There would be a massive drop in profits for supermarkets and corporations, less money going to privatised energy & utility companies, less money going to councils etc. We would have a stronger, fitter, more self sufficient, more resilient, more united and a lot wiser nation. At the moment individuals who refuse to pay their taxes are easy pickings for the state, however, once working together, we can then start linking up better and then having large boycotts/civil disobedience on certain days, we can pass knowledge to each other better. Whilst it is good we inform each other via emails, we should spend less time moaning about what is wrong and actually do something positive – think what can I do today to become more self sufficient, how can I help the old folk up the road, who else can I get to trade with or how can I throw a spanner in the works today? Organise parties to try out your new homebrew, exchange ideas of what you did or can do and have a laugh with friends to counteract the states agenda to demoralise us all. Be aware of subversives and trust your instincts – those who appear too good to be true, often are! The good news is that two instances showed us how we can oppose the states agenda without any real leadership and just using the truth as our weapon - the Swine Flu vaccine and the census. They were boycotted by millions of us despite the latters attempts to force us into submission by using paid census Gestapo (useful idiots) coming round. It didn’t work. 

People say this isn’t possible or that isn’t possible but I say what is in the best interests of Britain is always possible – Enoch Powell

We need to now grow the resistance - over to you.

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