Obama whispers: we're using ISIL to take out Assad

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Obama whispers: we're using ISIL to take out Assad
« on: September 16, 2014, 09:20:05 PM »
Never forget, pure evil is such fun... Obama whispers: we're using ISIL to take out Assad

 On Tuesday, 16 September 2014, 9:46,

Cameron: ‘I’m proud of the role that Britain has played in helping them to bring that about'.
Gaddafi's last words were 'Do you know right from wrong?
Oh! Joy! Hillary Clinton on the brutal slaughter of Libya's leader Gaddafi, never forget what global leaders are capable of in order to achieve their goal of global domination and total control.

This is exactly what keen observers knew all along. In fact, some think the whole ISIS or ISIL thing is a false flag op. Remember that Assad is the only Middle East leader in that region who still protects Christians and other minorities. Never forget that as you read about events there. It is the key to US policy, which invariably redounds to the persecution and murder of Christians. Some terminally naive Americans still think that is an accident. The article featured below is another clue why this is happening at US taxpayers' expense. Obama may or may not be a Muslim, but judging by his own personal statements and those of the men he surrounds himself with, he sure doesn't like Christians!

Now, Obama tried to manipulate Middle East politics before, in Egypt. That went ok for him for about a year and then his hand picked Islamist was booted and his henchmen rounded up, jailed and many of them executed. See how God works, Obama? No?

Ok, you may have a second chance. But be forewarned. YOU and the elites in charge of both political parties are not in charge of the universe. You may or may not get your chance to take out Assad. On the other hand, you may find yourself looking down the barrel of a Russian cannon, a BIG one. Assad enjoys Russian protection. And you know that bear is like the Sicilian mafia. He says you messa with me, I breaka you face.

Don Hank



Obama whispers: we're using ISIL to take out Assad

Just a few hours before he gave a prime time address to the nation regarding his plan to "take out ISIL", sources indicate the president was dropping considerable hints at how the war on ISIS/ISIL will be used for a much broader effort to re-organize much of the Middle East - starting with the overthrow of Syria's Bashar Assad.

"Assad is part of the deal. I'm not done with him.  He's gone, and then we can take a look at the rest of the Middle East."




A longtime Congressional source said the following:

"The president has been pouting over his Syria humiliation for months, repeatedly asking for a way to save face. Part of the deal with getting him to go along with the anti-ISIS effort, was convincing him the campaign could lead to overthrowing Assad as well. Apparently, it was only when that was put on the table that Barack Obama's enthusiasm for going after ISIL improved."


And the president has reportedly not been shy to let others know he has not given up on the idea of taking out Assad.


"A few hours before he gave his address to the nation on ISIL, the president told at least one major new source I know of, that 'Assad is part of the deal. I'm not done with him.  He's gone, and then we can take a look at the rest of the Middle East.'"


The Congressional staffer went on to explain what he feels is the true source of the president's animosity toward the Syrian strongman:


"I've come to believe Syria was the second in line for a re-organization of the Middle East. Egypt was first, though the Egyptian military and business interests took that back from the administration and the Muslim Brotherhood, so getting Assad out became that much more important to a very select and powerful few in the White House. I'll also add something the media refuses to report - the Syrian rebels are the Muslim Brotherhood. There's very little daylight between the two groups and both of them have direct and very long standing links to Iran and Turkey. If you were to sit down and go over the Intel reports of the last three decades, you cannot find a time when Turkey and Iran were as close as they are today, which tells me something is up, and this White House seems like they're plenty happy to be going along with it. Did you know Hamas leaders met with Iranian officials just 48 hours before a barrage of rockets were fired by Hamas into Israel?

"And what organization do you think is waiting in the wings if Assad falls in Syria? The Muslim Brotherhood which has had a series of recent meetings with their counterparts in Qatar, the same country that was primarily responsible for the Bergdahl-Taliban 5 swap. Qatar seems to be publicly distancing themselves from the Brotherhood while privately supporting them. I would assume that is out of deference/fear  to/of  Saudi Arabia but frankly, the whole thing is so convoluted at this point I can't say for certain.

"Now if all this isn't enough for you already, I'll add a very specific name to the mix, Imam Mohamed Magedi.

The name might be familiar to some of your readers due to his association within the administration, but I'll wager they didn't know he met with both the president and Valerie Jarrett multiple times in recent weeks and I'm told, has been providing regular input on the ISIL/ISIS situation. Another troubling aspect of this is that as head of the ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) he has been pushing very hard for fast tracking immigration into the United States of Muslims, and Valerie Jarrett is said to be his strongest supporter in this. 

"That is upsetting enough, but now I'm afraid I have to add another even more disturbing layer to this destruction of America pie. The push for immigration reform and the chaos in the Middle East are related, and here is how. With the war being waged against ISIL/ISIS, there will be reports of millions of refugees across the Middle East. Those refugees will then seek asylum in the United States, and how easy will it be for figures like Imam Mohamed Magedi to then use those "refugees" to form a far bigger and more organized Islamic presence in America? Very easy, and it could then happen very quickly. Don't forget, the president has already indicated multiple times of Executive Authority to be used after the November elections to deal with the fabricated "immigration crisis."

"Keep a close eye on the ISIS/ISIL/Assad triangle. If the administration pushes our military forces into Syria under the umbrella of going after terrorists, you'll have at least some idea of what they are really up to."

Source MRG Research Group




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