The CBI and other big battalions of the business world are mobilising.

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The battle for the hearts and minds of the British people who will vote in the 2017 promised referendum is hotting up already. 


The CBI and other big battalions of the business world are mobilising.   


We need to respond...


The letter below went to the Daily Telegraph today.   It contains two points of central importance if we are to win, whatever Cameron later claims as ‘reasons’ to vote to stay in the EU.





Both Matthew Lynn and Jeremy Warner (Business Section 19 May) raise legitimate questions about the impact on British industry by our leaving the EU.  Neither mentions two crucial benefits.


First, a stop to the torrent of EU regulations and directives which are estimated to have cost all commercial enterprises in the UK some £400 billion in compliance over the years.  Many might even be abolished on the grounds that we did pretty well without them before we joined.   


Secondly, British enterprise becomes a level playing field again.  Big, powerful multinationals will no longer be able to lobby Brussels to their advantage.  By definition, lobbying is about disadvantaging your competition, and the EU actively encourages it.  Brussels has vigorously funded lobbyists for years, often to attract support for new regulations it has already decided to enforce. 


We can do better without both.


yours etc


Ashley Mote


(Independent MEP for SE England 2004-09)


In addition, I might have mentioned the alarming impact of the Working Time Directive on the slow and inadequate training of new junior doctors.  I and others warned of this nearly ten years ago.  We were ignored.  Now Cameron seeks thousands of new young doctors we simply don’t have because of the WTD. 


The impact of EU regulations on fishing and farming have been equally catastrophic.  We continue to throw tons of good fresh fish back, despite some relaxation of the EU’s rules.  The few remaining British trawlers (in our own waters!) struggle for a living. 


Meanwhile, dairy and beef farmers, who enjoy the finest wet grassland in the world, struggle to make a living from dairy products and beef because the EU decided years ago to prioritise Eastern Europe for such production, ignoring the natural resources unique to the UK. 


All that and much more ammunition in my memoirs  A Mote in Brussels’ Eye, available from Amazon and all other eBook-sellers.


I may not be able to take an active part, following recent events.  But the bullets are there for others to fire.


regards to all

Ashley Mote


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