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« on: April 03, 2016, 11:32:42 AM »
EU Lackeys

The EU funds "non-political" UK bodies such as the BBC, Universities and the CBI - to tell us how important EU membership is.

 So many now depend on EU bribes - including some who avoid big taxes, because EU law allows it.

 Note that in one year alone, ActionAid, Oxfam, NSPCC and One World Action received over £40m.

 They cannot be "independent" if they are funded partly by the EU but they claim they are,

 Below are just SOME of the NGO bodies that receive or have received, EU funding:

 The BBC and its associates
 The CBI.
 UK Universities.
 The EU TU Congress.
 The WWF.
 The Friends of the Earth.
 Action Aid. *
 The NSPCC. *
 One World Action. *
 Oxfam. *

 * These bodies received over £40m in one year.

 So the EU is bribing people with taxpayers' money – to make us stay IN.

 We can expect nothing but propaganda from these mindless EU, foreign funded lackeys.


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