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Steve Sheen·Wednesday, 13 April 2016

'The government leaflet on why they believe voting to remain in the EU is the best decision'’ 
This is a lie to start with. Some MP’s & Ministers think EU membership is best, but not all do.
A more apt title would be - ''The £9,000,000 pack of lies & scaremongering we’re paying for'' -
''We will not join the euro'' - Fine but how long will this promise last ?
''We will keep our own borders'' - This is completely misleading. What borders?
We have in effect no borders to 505m EU citizens. Not being in Schengen simply means we can ask to see their passports. Nothing more.
'’The UK will not be part of further political integration’' - Fine but there's not much left to hand to the EU anyway. Our MEP's outvoted on 86% of occasions. Most vetoes gone in Lisbon treaty  meaning we're unable to prevent even the most damaging EU legislation being thrust upon us. It’s time to take back what’s been given away >
''There will be tough new restrictions on access to our welfare system for new EU migrants'' - This ignores the fact that most come here not for benefits, but because can earn 4 times as much here than in Eastern Europe. So his emergency brake will do nothing to stem the flow of EU migrants & the problems due to open borders such as;
Not being able to select whether they have any skill we need, have any money or even whether they have a clean criminal record.
Nor does it the problems of the resultant housing shortage, full schools, over burdened infrastructure, more traffic jams, more urban sprawl onto greenbelt etc
''We have a commitment to reduce red tape'' - The EU is the highest court in the land. We have to obey their rules. We are just one voice in 28. We can change nothing. It’s like swimming in treacle.
''A stronger economy'' - This along with jobs depend on trade with Europe. That means a trade agreement with Europe. Not being ruled by it. We buy more from them than they buy from us & need our trade. The EU has free trade agreements in place with 53 countries to overcome such tariffs and the UK/EU trade agreement would have no such tariffs, particularly if it merely replicated current EU membership arrangements. Indeed, the EU is very keen on free trade agreements for it is negotiating a further 74 such agreements and is seeking to open negotiations with an additional 12 countries.   
''Over 3m jobs linked to exports to the EU'' - This is totally misleading to imply we must be in the EU for this. Jobs are dependant on a trade agreement. No need for open borders & political union. 180 countries around the world trade with the EU but are not in the EU. Besides 3m EU migrants have come here & taken 3m jobs & 1.5m homes !
''Improving our lives the cost of living could rise'' - 
1] Each working couple pay approximately £800 a year in EU contributions. Someone has to pay for the lavish EU houses of Parliament & the salaries of 30,000 Eurocrats. Yes there really are that many !
2] Food is dearer in the EU because the EU Common Agricultural Policy [CAP] protection racket makes food imports from outside the EU much dearer. This is very hard on poor African countries.  And we subsidise inefficient French farmers. We pay £6bn a year to CAP but British farmers only receive £2bn back. Fish is dearer as we've given away 80% of fish that swim in our waters
3] Products cost more to make in the EU due to red tape so the manufacturer has to pass this onto the consumer
4] House prices & rents have been driven up due to the huge demand caused by mass immigration.
5] Wages for low paid people have been driven down by cheap imported labour
6] Our taxes could be lower if the government didn't have to pay for all the new hospitals, schools, road capacity etc needed for these millions of low paid migrants who hardly pay any tax towards these things. The only people better off in the EU are career politicians,  low wage employers & slumlords
''Losing our access to the single market would make exporting to Europe harder & increase costs'' - This relies on the wholly false assumption that we would no longer have access to the single market.
'The EU has made travel abroad cheaper''- Where is the evidence for this ? - Low cost airlines & competition make prices lower. 30,000 unproductive Eurocrats milking our taxes do not
''From next year mobile phone roaming charges will be abolished across the EU'' - Where is there any evidence that this could not have been brought about by cooperation & competition between phone companies & or sovereign European governments, rather than sacrificing a massive amount of democracy & paying £25m a day net to the EU to make it happen? 
''EU membership gives UK citizens access to free or cheaper public healthcare'' -  This has turned our National Health Service into Anyone's Health Service. Funded by just 29m British taxpayers but now accessible to 508m people including millions of people who've come here from poor East European countries. Mostly unskilled on on low wages so bringing no healthcare skills & paying little towards our high tech high cost NHS.
Reciprocal agreements existed before between France & Germany etc. Proving that there is no need for political union for this to be possible.
''What happens if we leave. No other government has been able to access the single market without having to follow EU rules over which they have no say'' - We have next to no say as previously mentioned. As one voice in 28 our MEP's are outvoted on 86% of occasions.
''Without having to accept EU citizens living & working in their country'' - This is a blatant lie. 190 countries around the world trade with the EU, but do not have to have open borders to the EU.  Comparison to Canada's trade deal is irrelevant. Our trade deal is already set up & can be replicated out of the EU. In the name of our ability to govern ourselves as an independant nation we resisted Mr Hitler making threats. On principle we should not cave in to EU bullying.
''Controlling immigration & securing our borders. The UK is not part of EU's border free zone'' - This is extremely misleading. We are not in Schengen, but our border is meaningless in terms of control. All we can do is check EU citizens passports. We cannot control who we let in. Whether they have a job or not, money, or even see if they have a clean criminal record.
''EU cooperation makes it easier to keep criminals & terrorists out of the UK''
Page 45 (Section 2.90) of the Government's own report published in 2014: 'Single Market: Free Movement of Persons' states that:-
Free movement within the EU is extensively exploited by organised criminals to bring illicit commodities including drugs, human trafficking victims, illegal immigrants and counterfeit goods to the UK.
Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands are key entry and distribution hubs for drugs and other illicit goods before they reach the UK’s shores. Europol highlights that ‘the free movement of people and goods across the EU’s internal borders reduces the chance of detection’.
So how come David Cameron et al are now claiming that 'we are safer in the EU'?
The premise becomes even more outrageous in view of the events in Paris during 2015; open borders apparently allowed free movement of at least one of the terrorists arriving in Greece and then travelling freely around Europe.
So much for being in the EU helping police to share information between countries. This Polish murderer who lived just half a mile from me, was let into the UK
Most worrying part: The CPS had tried to find out about Dominiak’s criminal record: “Efforts unfortunately met with resistance or a refusal from the Polish authorities which has been disappointing to say the very least.”
Yet another thing the EU claims is a success story but is a total failure. We had interpol long before the EU. It's just another example of something we don't need the EU for which the EU is useless at anyway.
''Benefits of EU membership. The EU exists to promote peace & stability''-  Peace in Europe had been  due to Germany being a democracy since 1945 & NATO.
It’s nothing to do with the EU. 
Stability ?...  50% youth unemployment in countries like Greece that has now been turned into mere bankrupt protectorate of the EU due to being in the wrong currency. The rise of the far right due to frustrations caused. People rioting in the streets at the severe austerity caused. The reality is that the EU = less stability
''The UK has control of its borders'' -  This is a blatant lie. We have lost control of our borders to anyone with EU stamped on their passport = 505m people.
''Opportunities for you & your children. EU membership means you have the right to live, work or study abroad in any of 27 other countries'' - Why should anyone presume the right to be able to walk into anyone else's country without a visa ?
EU open border policy has resulted in one way mass migration from 10 poor ex Communist countries to here. Leading to 8 year affordable housing lists, house prices & rents driven up, wages for low paid people driven down, more greenbelt built on, full schools, more traffic jams, more waste to dispose of, more environmental pressure etc.
''The uk as a strong leading force in the world. The UK a strong independent nation'' - This is another blatant lie. Due to our EU membership we have become a nation unable to govern ourselves.  We are now anything but independent in the EU.
We are dictated to by the EU having surrendered a 1000 years of independence to them. They are the highest court in the land. Our MEP's outvoted on 86% of occasions.
''A once in a generation decision''
Actually it's been two generations.
I'll let Chris Grayling finish this. The future if we remain..
Chris Grayling ..
''The UK would be unable “to defend our national interest” in future unless there is a Brexit vote at the EU referendum on June 23.
The senior Tory highlighted how the ongoing eurozone debt crisis would push those countries within the single currency closer together, leaving Britain and Denmark - who both enjoy opt-outs from the disastrous euro - as two lone voices against “one giant Federation of Eurozone states”.
Mr Grayling said the eurozone countries, who dominate the EU, will call for greater integration as they look to achieve their “dream of a Federal Europe”.
He added: “In a decade’s time, if the leaders of the eurozone have their way, there will be us, Denmark and one giant Federation of Eurozone states.
“Does anyone seriously think that our voice will carry any weight at all in that situation?”
Mr Grayling hit out at how “the EU already dominates our way of life” by deciding rules on housing, asylum seekers, farming, North Sea oil, road safety, cancer research, fishing, working hours and even how powerful vacuum cleaners can be.
He warned Britain is “already outvoted again and again in Brussels” on key issues.''

I'm sending the booklet to; Attn: Joanna George, Freepost RSBB-XRZT-ZTXE, The Conservative Party Foundation, LONDON, SW1P 4DP. Each letter received will cost the Conservative Foundation 70p.

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