Ref Russia Carrier Battle Group -Letter to Teresa May,1972 EEC Act

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RT Hon Teresa May MP Albert Burgess
 10 Downing Street

 Ref Russia Carrier Battle Group
 Dear Teresa
 Please do this Kingdom a great favour and sack all your current advisors on foreign policy before they get us all killed.

Why on earth have you sent warships to watch the Russian fleet sailing down our coast when you can quite easily track them by radar or for the most part standing on a high building on the coast with a good pair of binoculars. The Russians are not our enemy it is not in their interests to start a war no one can win. Particularly as the Chinese have announced they will fight with Russia two major nuclear powers.

What you should have done was sent a ship with an officer of equivalent rank to the Russian Admiral aboard his flagship to invite the Russian fleet into Portsmouth so that you could lay on a civic reception for them to which you were inviting 60 of their officers to meet a corresponding number of our officers for a slap up meal and so that you could meet them, to discuss working with them to destroy ISIS. Assad is the only ruler in the Middle East who allows Christian Churches, Jewish Synagogue’s or Sikh Temples and where members of those faiths are free to worship under the protection of his police. Assad is not the villain your advisors make him out to be.

Obama is a fully paid up Muslim he wants a nuclear world war to knock out the superpowers to allow the Islamic Caliphate to take over the world. The boy David was too stupid to see that or like Gideon to coked up to care so slavishly set us on the road to destruction.

Now I do not know whether you were or are pro EU BUT and it is a big But no one told the electorate the referendum was advisory and could be over turned by Parliament on the grounds they are supreme. Think again the politicians are elected to look after the day to day running of this Kingdom they are not supreme they are subject to the will of her Majesty’s subjects who very clearly instructed the boy David to take us out of the EU, being a stupid boy he was not big enough to say sorry to the electorate and take us out so he has taken his pension and cut and run. You replaced him so let me tell you this. This has nothing to do with Parliament or the Queen the people gave a resounding get us out of the EU so do just that. The easiest way is to void the 1972 EEC Act on whose back every other EU treaty has been signed. You void this 72 act on the grounds it was brought about by the lies and deception of the Heath government. Article 50 is an irrelevance so forget it.

Tell the European leaders if they do not want to trade with us that’s fine we will buy Australian wines and not French German or Italian wines, we can make or buy our cheeses and our farmers can grow enough food to sustain us our fishermen in our recovered fishing grounds can catch our fish. And we will buy American, Korean or Japanese cars so the only ones they are hurting by putting unreasonable demands on us to trade with them are themselves. We can rebuild our steel and ship building and aircraft industries so won’t need them anyway. The evidence of the Heath lies is in the enclosed CD Rom please read the papers it contains they are all recovered from the public record office government papers from the Heath era.
 Respectfully submitted
 Albert Burgess

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