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Labour Leave
« on: November 24, 2016, 06:23:45 PM »
Firstly let me thank you for your continued support. It's been another dramatic week in the Brexit camp with the anti-Brexit alliance continuing to wreak havoc on the Brexit process, democracy and our economy.

On Friday, in a fresh blow for Theresa May the Supreme Court ruled that the Scottish and Welsh governments can intervene and potentially veto Brexit.

Edinburgh and Cardiff will be allowed to make their separate cases to the court for the right to have a say over the triggering of the Article 50 notice period.

The decision raises the very real possibility of the Supreme Court agreeing with the SNP that the Scottish Parliament should have a veto over Brexit.

That would plunge the United Kingdom into a full-blown constitutional crisis, as well as potentially sink the Prime Minister’s exit timetable.

The decision is a big victory for both the anti-Brexit alliance and Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP’s first minister, who has insisted Scotland’s voice must be heard after the country voted decisively to Remain.

Given the increasing chances of success for the anti-Brexit alliance, Labour Leave will make the following pledge to our supporters:

We will continue to campaign tirelessly until the government honours the will of the British people and we leave the European Union. We will not accept any watered down versions of Brexit. We agree that:

The UK must leave the European Union
We must take back control of our immigration and borders in full
All lawmaking must return to the UK with the British Supreme Court returning as the final court of arbitration for British law
We must secure free trade for goods and services with the EU
We will continue to pursue global trade deals while ensuring our public services are protected.
We must bring back manufacturing to rebalance our economy, helping firms to achieve higher productivity, with rising wages and investing in infrastructure to support export-led growth.

In the coming months we will continue to campaign nationally, shouting from the rooftops to our fellow 17m leave voters. Keeping you informed of the intentions and plans of the anti-Brexit alliance. We will not let them move one inch without letting you know. We will work collectively to combat any attempts to reverse Brexit, we will continue to write economic policy papers and pamphlets advising the government on how to make Brexit fair for all, we will hold more rallies, events and national campaign days, we will hold the government to account fighting for your ambitions and rights, but as always, we can not do this alone.

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