Letter to Lothian and Borders Police

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Letter to Lothian and Borders Police
« on: November 30, 2012, 11:37:04 PM »

30th November 2012

Lothian and Borders Police

Force Headquarters

Fettes Avenue




Your Letter 13th July 2012 - Ref. MI/00087/12 SH


On the 6th July 2012 I submitted a formal complaint to Lothian and Borders Police against former officers of the Crown Office of Scotland who, in late 1991, gave directions to the prosecution service in Scotland (COPFS) effectively sanctioning criminal acts contrary to Law - of allowing young teenage boys to be sodomised by older men. This was therefore a wilful neglect of duty, and a serious breach of trust. By such actions, officers of The Crown committed a serious criminal offence at Common Law.


In rejecting the complaint, you (Lothian and Borders Police) responded:


"Crown Office Circular 2025 was issued by the Lord Advocate on 28 November 1991 and gave direction to Procurators Fiscal in relation to the prosecution of persons who participated in consensual homosexual acts. I note that you post references to this on a variety of websites openly available on the internet."


You will no doubt be very aware of the controversey surrounding the recent articles by Times journalist Andrew Norfolk in which he exposed the serious neglect of duty by both South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council in their failings to protect teenage girls (and children) from criminal sexual exploitation by local, organised gangs. Justifications given for such behaviour included that the sexual activities were "consensual".


The Times article followed similar reports on the failure of Greater Manchester Police, and Rochdale Council, to protect young girls from criminal sexual abuse - also by local, organised gangs. In September of this year a 28-page report on the problem, orginally marked as confidential and not for public release, was prepared by Rochdale Council. Within that report is the observation that: "Case files state that the children were often considered to be making their own choices and to be engaging in consensual sexual activity."


Clearly, the presentation of such acts as being "consensual" allowed the criminal abuse of teenage girls (and children) to continue, effectively unchallanged, for very many years.


Therefore I reiterate my original complaint (6th July) and request that Lothian and Borders Police carry out a thorough criminal investigation into the behaviour of The Crown Office of Scotland.


Yours sincerely,



(Mr) A D Shell


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