Disbelief of Remote Mind Control Technologies Is Enabling Lethal Crimes Against

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11  February  2014  .

Criminal use of microwave weapons, and remote mind control technologies, is a crisis that's having ill effects on increasing numbers of individuals, families and communities through the past few decades. What's happening is so outrageously inhumane that the natural response is to slip into shocked denial, overwhelm, or complete disbelief, but there is not time for this type of response. This situation needs our immediate awareness and attention .

There are all sorts of foolish "conspiracy theories" bouncing around the world. . .and the damaging outcome is that they lead us to disbelieve EVERYTHING that can be perceived as a "conspiracy." A similar thing is happening in Hollywood where existing technologies are being depicted in science fiction movies. . .leading us to believe that they are merely science fiction. And with the media ridiculing mind control "conspiracies" and discrediting "tin foil hat" people, its difficult to be objective .

http://peacepink.ning.com/m/blogpost?id=2351430%3ABlogPost%3A474484 .

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