Please find herewith a copy of my letter to Antoinette Sandbach MP

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Please find herewith a copy of my letter to Antoinette Sandbach MP (Remainer), following her criticism of Patrick Minford's paper arguing for a free trade deal:
Antoinette Sandbach MP
House of Commons
LONDON             SW1A 0AA
21st February 2019
Dear Member of Parliament,
I write to thank you for your detailed consideration of the issues put forward in the article by Patrick Minford.
Whereas I am unable to offer an immediate comment on your observations, which I will undertake in due course, I have just had the direct experience of paying a recently introduced EU 25% tariff on a USA sourced product. This appears to be across the board on all manner of goods, including foodstuffs. One cannot help but think that a WTO Trade Deal with the USA, amounting to no more than  4% or, better still, a Free Trade Deal would be of enormous benefit to UK citizens.
Indeed, President Trump recently announced just such a deal, pending the UK withdrawal from the EU, whilst imposing a “tit for tat” 25% levy on European car imports. This must have come as a massive shock to the European Car Industry (already in decline), but an enormous bonus to the British Car Industry which will undoubtedly mean that Honda will revisit their proposals to relocate manufacturing to Europe.
Whatever, I would prefer to live in a free Sovereign State, able to make our own decisions, especially since the economic decline in Germany, France and Italy is bound to want the EU to tie us evermore into their long term aims for a federal state. Indeed, Italy is on the verge of reneging on its Euro 290Bn loans from the ECB which is likely to rebound onto European Banks, giving the EU ever more reason to soft sell a deal. In these circumstances, we are certain to find out that we have “been sold a pup”.

Yours sincerely,

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