DARPA DARK HISTORY NSA Internet as Enemy Weapons System on Targeted Civilians

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22  March  2019  .


The largest domestic military exercises in US history happened in 2015. They were entitled: “Jade Helm 2015 – Mastering the Human Domain.” This title of the exercises should indicate to you where the US military is focusing its time and energy these days – on US citizens. It also clearly tells us what the intent of the US military is   to Master the Human Domain .

DARPA’s Dark History .

In 2001, under the Total Information Awareness Program, President Bush had secretly authorised the NSA’s domestic surveillance of Americans without court-approved warrants. This was also the year that the Bush administration drew up its Information Operations Road map. Describing the internet as a “vulnerable weapons system,” Donald Rumsfeld’s Information Operations road map advocated that Pentagon strategy “should be based on the premise that the Department of Defence will ‘fight the net’ as it would an enemy weapons system.” The US should seek “maximum control” of the “full spectrum of globally emerging communications systems, sensors, and weapons systems,” advocated the document .

https://lissahumanelife.wordpress.com/2019/03/22/darpas-dark-history-nsa-internet-as-enemy-weapons-system-on-targeted-civilians/?fbclid=IwAR03D3cDtZKRxTlCnOS7kagd7A3SG2nHd-MOJAG4ywklusllGENEvqOM9T8 .

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