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« on: March 24, 2019, 08:26:47 PM »
Updated 23 march 2019 .

The Absolute Truth About Targeted Individuals & Secrecy-Protected High Tech (EMF/Scalar/Sonic) Bio/Neuro Surveillance Crime or Information For and About Genuinely Targeted Individuals is too bulky for the main menu bar, but that’s what this new section will be about. (Initially set up on a separate blog, Covert Assaults Satyagraha, but being moved here for convenience.) As those who are actually being openly targeted, surveilled, and assaulted in Secrecy-Protected-Crime by out of control, police-state-building Intelligence/Security/Defence/Police agencies and departments (both in the USA and worldwide) with undisclosed and classified high-tech energy weaponry and neuroweaponry know, there is a lot of disinformation online, as part of the Mil/Intel PsyOp (seeking to portray actual TI's as paranoid/psychotic/delusional) designed to mislead, miseducate, and put off concerned readers seeking reliable information on this subject .

While I still have reservations about the term “Targeted Individual” or its short-form TI–because it has been distorted by Mainstream Media PsyOp usage to connote Delusional/Schizoid/Paranoid–I recognize that this term has become shorthand to describe the whole phenomenon of EMF-targeting, uber-surveillance, and assault of innocents and activists, and therefore am using it here for purposes of ease of reference. Please note there are many Disinformation sites, trolls. and agents online who seek to paint genuine TIs as delusional; they are easily recognizable by the extreme and rabid nature of their narratives .

This section will collect reliable information, relevant and current, for and about TI's, and hopes to–like many other fine sites online–list and point to several other reliable and relevant websites collecting information on this subject. The intention of this section is to publish and point to the incredible atrocity of Targeting which is currently flying under the radar of public awareness–thanks to Media Malfeasance and Complicity with the Intelligence agencies, Security agencies, and Military departments and contractors running these programs of repression, weapons-testing, and non-consensual bio/neuro-experimentation on innocents, activists, and whistle blowers worldwide–with the absolute intention of exposing the criminality of the high-level perpetrators and bringing this atrocity to an end .
https://everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/ .

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Spreading The Truth .
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