Investigate NSA/Military/Fusion Center corruption, 24/7 surveillance, fraud .

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This growing heinous crime that the public is not aware of that is happening needs laws to be enacted and enforced. This criminal activity should be investigated and stopped. This is so illegal in so many ways. This microwave weapon, directed energy weapon attacks same as the attacks on US Diplomats in Cuba needs laws to be enacted and enforced. This organized stalking using 24/7 intrusive covert surveillance, Voice to Skull (V2K), remote neural monitoring, electronic weapons, microwave weapons, radiation poisoning, nano self assembly, bio attack, psychotronics via satellite, radar, electronics, cell tower, directed energy, GPS or other means is being used to harass people 24/7 covertly to make them appear crazy, delusional or to drive them to suicide or to incarcerate them.

These technologies are being used to abuse and torture people. It is done by so many normal looking people in a very coordinated fashion, it is hard for victims to collect evidence and law enforcement do not help either. There are a lot of victims now of this criminal activity .  .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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