Targeted individual Nizin R. Lopez sends letter Sen. Mitt Romney: Surveillance .

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Published on 16 July  2019  .

Targeted individual Nizin R. Lopez sends letter to Sen. Mitt Romney: Surveillance abuse. 

Here  we  have another  testimony  video in the  life  of a  "Targeted Individual" and the continuous battle to get  justice on the  issues  that  affect  thousands  of lives  in  the  world we  live through no  fault of their own the Torture of  a Human being  who can say  this is alright to  do  the  pain and suffering of  people  throughout  the  world  must  come  to  a stop.

and  once  again  thank  you  for  watching  the truth has to what is going  on .  .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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