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Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: September 01, 2019
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Seeking as usual to sow hatred and division, the fascist left and the stupid right have called the traditional (usually annual) prorogation of parliament a “coup d’Etat” and a “constitutional scandal”. But prorogation merely ushers in a new parliamentary session. The new Prime Minister has a program to present and the present session has lasted longer than any other for 400 years. Only three days of parliamentary sittings will be lost.
The Conservative blogger Iain Dale helpfully gives the periods during which Parliament has not sat in previous years:
• 2016 – 15th Sept to 10th Oct
• 2017 – 14th Sept to 9th Oct
• 2018 – 13th Sept to 9th Oct
I don’t recall any hysteria, outrage or violent language directed at Governments at the time!
And the Guido Fawkes blog rightly exposes former PM John Major’s hypocritical attack on prorogation since he himself cynically prorogued Parliament in 1997 to delay the publication of a devastating report into the “cash for questions” scandal involving his Government.
Philip Benwell, the Australian expert on the constitutional monarchy, asserts rightly:
Furthermore, there is no constitutional crisis of any sort.  The British Prime Minister formally requested the Queen, resident at Balmoral, to prorogue the Parliament.  Formal constitutional advice was presented to the Queen by a meeting of the Privy Council and assented to by the Queen in the normal manner. The approval was therefore made by The Queen in Council.
If the proroguing of the Parliament was not constitutional, the Queen would not have assented and the Privy Council would not have tended advice.
The laughable hysterics are from project-fear Remainers and constitutional traitors who lied to the British people about the nature of the EEC (as Edward Heath later admitted) overturned the British constitution and destroyed 28 countries, 28 democratic constitutions, 28 parliaments, 18 currencies and 18 central banks – all on the altar of a powerful non elected bureaucratic Commission, alienating and disenfranchising millions of Europeans and driving them to mass unemployment, emigration and social degradation.
The hysterical euro-fanatics call “the end of democracy” the Government’s attempt to assert the will of the people (in a referendum) the will of parliament (in an overwhelming 4 to 1 vote to leave – not “leave with a deal”) and the will of the electorate in a general election (when both major parties made manifesto promises to leave the EU (no ifs no buts!). A ComRes poll found that 54 per cent of British adults think Parliament should be prorogued to prevent MPs stopping a no-deal Brexit. Johnson has not even gone that far!
But we know the fascist left’s idea of “democracy”. Corbyn the leader of the Labour Party calls for people to block the streets. Both the leaders of the Liberal Democrats and Greens say they would not accept another vote by the people if they again voted to leave! And what greater scandal is there than the Opposition parties conspiring to install Harriet Harman (Labour) or Ken Clarke (Conservative) as Prime Minister when neither would have been elected by either their party members or the people in an election?
Some say that the latest Government decisions make a deal with the EU more likely since this measure is not the one assumed to frustrate the 31st October deadline.
Parliament will still sit in late October and could in theory debate a new deal offer from the EU – for instance a deal without the Irish backstop. The author of the above James Cartilage MP thinks a deal can be done. Well – of course IF the backstop is removed and IF we wish to effectively remain under EU control, pay £39bn, with continued control by the European Court and indefinite postponement of trade deals with other nations (not to mention the disastrous Defence and Intelligence aspects of the agreement) then we could get a “deal” – effectively the disastrous Theresa May deal.
But in the May deal without the Backstop the EU would still hold the whip hand. As Freenations has pointed out repeatedly for the last 5 years we cannot negotiate freely as a prisoner of our negotiating partner. The Superstate which controls our trade, laws, taxes and social legislation would be negotiating with the UK – a vassal state within its control. Only a fool would tolerate such a situation.
Boris Johnson has called the Irish Backstop (which could keep the UK under EU control indefinitely) “anti democratic”. It is far more than that – it is anti constitutional and illegal in international law (by divorcing an integral part of the UK, Northern Ireland, from mainland Britain). And it was Angela Merkel who said no matter how often the Greeks voted against their economic destruction it had no validity! Democracy is no barrier to EU imperial power.
Austria’s Brexit negotiator Gregor Schusterschitz has said:
“The problem is even if we were to agree to the British demands and would remove the backstop for Northern Ireland, it would by no means mean that this deal would get a majority in the British Parliament.
In fact, it is incredibly doubtful that there will be a majority. This would mean we would have chucked the backstop into the dustbin and would still not have a deal.”
The backstop has also become totemic and politicised – even though the EU knows it will have to tackle the border issue regardless of what kind of Brexit takes place. Collectives like the EU are notoriously unsubtle and inflexible – which is why they have destroyed the economies of so many EU members states (including the Irish). Indeed it is because the Irish economy is so geared to the UK and USA economies that their EU-induced crisis has been far smaller.
The Rev Dr Allan Clifford has pointed out a further significance of 31st October when we are due to leave the EU.
For most people, that date merely signifies superstitious and supposedly fun-filled ‘Halloween’. But those who look for deliverance from the EU on that date can have no solid hope without recalling that it is ‘REFORMATION DAY’. It was Martin Luther’s Bible-based protest on that day in 1517 that eventually brought liberty for Europe from the tyranny, darkness and corruption of papal power.
On that day we can now leave behind a disastrous period for the United Kingdom and a system of anti democratic governance shot through with corruption
It is worth recalling at this historic moment, as the UK leaves the European Union, the words of Charles De Gaulle the President of France when we first knocked on the door of the then EEC in the late 1960s. He said that a report of the European Commission had shown clearly that UK membership of the EEC was incompatible with the economy of Britain, and with the British tradition of obtaining cheap food from all parts of the world.
‘England in effect is insular (he meant in geography not in attitude – RA), she is maritime, she is linked through her interactions, her markets and her supply lines to the most diverse and often the most distant countries; she pursues essentially industrial and commercial activities, and only slight agricultural ones. She has, in all her doings, very marked and very original habits and traditions.
To which he could have added the centuries long ties of kinship, trade, law and parliamentary systems which bound the British “family of nations”.
But in Prime Minister MacMillan (strongly urged on by US President Kennedy) and Edward Heath, the BBC and much of the Labour Party the UK had leaders who claimed to know better. They were wrong – and De Gaulle was right.
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