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« on: October 17, 2019, 12:10:30 PM »

 As I wrote in my letter “The „Orange-Green‟ backstop is actually a red herring” (BCN 395), experts have shown that there is no legal contradiction between the so-called „backstop‟ and the Good Friday Agreement. On the contrary, the EU, in close collusion with the Irish Republic, is dishonestly and intentionally using Northern Ireland as a pawn in the Brexit process in a ruse to destroy the sovereignty and unity of the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson has at last promised to deliver the real Brexit which the duplicitous Theresa May thwarted for three years. The current demonstrators are using the very same smokescreen of opposition to a „no-deal‟ Brexit to cover up their attempt to destroy Brexit altogether. History repeats itself, and if we are not to be faced all over again with fighting for the hard-won freedoms of World War II, we must urgently remember Sir Winston Churchill‟s words about Northern Ireland, which are as relevant in the context of the „backstop‟ today as they were in 1945: “By the grace of God Ulster stood a faithful sentinel. That was a dark and dangerous hour. We were alone, and had to face single-handed the full fury of the German attack raining down death and destruction on our cities and, still more deadly, seeking to strangle our life by cutting off the entry to our ports of the ships which brought us our food and the weapons we so sorely needed. Only one great channel remained open. It remained open because loyal Ulster gave us the full use of Northern Irish ports and waters, and thus ensured the free working of the Clyde and the Mersey. But for the loyalty of Northern Ireland we should have been confronted with slavery and death, and the light which now shines so strongly throughout the world would have bee quenched. The bonds of affection between Great Britain and the people of Northern Ireland have been tempered by fire and are now, I believe, unbreakable. We have travelled a hard and darksome road to victory in Europe, and at every turn in this memorable journey the loyalty and courage of Ulster have gleaned before the eyes of men. have gleamed before the eyes of men. The stand of the Government and People of Northern Ireland for the unity of the British Empire and Commonwealth and for the great cause of freedom, for which we all risked our survival will never be forgotten by Great Britain. A strong loyal Ulster will always be vital to the security and well-being of our whole Empire and Commonwealth.” The story of Northern Ireland‟s contribution to the British victory in World War II can be read here: https://ww2ni.com/informationother.htm. My late father was involved in it during his career in the Royal Air Force. Let us make sure that the great lesson has been learned and that we do not fall victim to a German Europe again so enthusiastically supported by the Irish Republic.

 Professor Arthur Noble Belfast

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Yes indeed. Couldn't agree more. The border issue is a dead cat on the table to distract us from the total subservience of the rest of the treaty.
Never surrender. Well done the DUP. The Germans must not divide us.
On Thu, 17 Oct 2019, 07:31 Naomi King,  wrote:

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God bless the DUP and the Northern Ireland people.
Praise God you are standing firm.
No DEAL and NOW.


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