Letter to Alex Murray OBE Commander Specialist Crime Command

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Letter to Alex Murray OBE Commander Specialist Crime Command
« on: March 14, 2020, 07:42:11 PM »
Alex Murray OBE                                                                             Albert Burgess
Specialist Crime Command                                                             
3rd Floor                                                                                             
New Scotland Yard                                                                           
Victoria Embankment                                                                       12th March 2020
Ref Treason
Thank you for your letter of the 4th March 2020, I agree London has an unacceptably high level of violent crime. The turf wars between drugs gangs where they regularly shoot each other are completely unacceptable, as is the explosion of knife crime and violent assaults on innocent members of the public.
However this is largely due to the police forces reluctance to deal with crime by ethnic minorities. The drugs gangs killing each other are black on black crime, Knife crime is largely carried out by ethnic minorities. The rape and prostitution of young white school girls has been allowed to continue by the police as were the VIP rapes of mainly young boys.
These crimes collectively have been allowed to get out of hand by the exercise of political correctness in the police forces of this Kingdom. When I walked a beat I always said I would prefer to police with a kind word and a smile, but if necessary I would police with a machine gun and pockets full of hand grenades but my beat would be policed. It seems to me and I am not alone that the police service has seriously lost the plot. To be a good constable you need buckets full of common sense not a university degree. You have forgotten you are policing human nature and realistically that does not change.
This situation you find yourself in is not entirely of your making government have imported foreign criminals from around the globe eastern European Mafia, West Indian Yardy’s, Islamic terrorists and rape gangs. All are down to government. But the police are there to protect the law abiding and the vulnerable and in that you have failed miserably.
But bad though these crimes are they pale into insignificance compared to the crime of treason yet successive commissioners have refused to investigate the Heath Treason, proved by official government papers marked secret, restricted and confidential under the general heading of FCO 1048, The Maastricht treason where the constitutional impossibility of making her Majesty a subject of the EU was committed by John Major, Douglas Hurd and Francis Maude in direct contravention of the 1351 Treason Act. And now you sit back as Sadic Khan sets up a European Enclave in London doubtless peopled by Islamists who refuse to integrate and by whom every terrorist attack in London has been committed and who the police force bend over backwards not to upset. All the above allegations of treason stand and you are required by the law to investigate them. Failure to do so renders you and the commissioners past and present liable to arrest for Misprision of treason at common law. You would be wise to look up the tariff for this offence.

Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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