Illegal Migrants Handed Over To British Authorities By The French Authorities -

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Farage may be a lot of things but he's 'on the money' here.   Just how long are we to put up with those we pay to safe-guard our country, deliberately putting us at risk and wasting huge resources, while the 'toy-town government' does nothing!     Any remedial or public advance to check the situation is met with force or threat by OUR EMPLOYEES! - the very people that we pay to keep us safe.
Farage needs praise and support for this; apart from him and people such as Paul from Britain First with 'Tommy Robinson', just who the dickens is standing up for the country?  WAKE UP!! - 'The Country' is YOU & I, together with OUR FAMILIES!!
ABW  -  John     
Farage reveals what is actually going on - in the English Channel!       - A 1.41 min short video - he was stopped from filming!
No control at all, on immigration - in fact, the reverse....we are helping them!     Tell me I'm dreaming, please........ ====================================================================
Please click on the link to the short video clip (1.41 mins only)ÖNigel Farage telling the real story about the collusion between the French and our Border Force to bring the migrants to Britain.
Home Secretary ???? We should know the total numbers, do we know where they are and how many get deported ?
Paul K.

British authorities and French authorities colluding in ferrying illegals into Britain?
Is our govt operating a clandestine open border policy? Who is responsible? Who is accountable for this apparent collusion? Is not British taxpayers' money not being paid to French authorities to stop this human trafficking?
Tony W.

From: Sylviís
Date: Wed, 20 May 2020, 20:41
Subject: Illegal Migrants Handed Over To British Authorities By The French Authorities

Nigel Farage today aboard a small pleasure/fishing boat.

Nigel again reporting on the illegal migration to the UK by ever increasing third world Islamic migrants who have each handed over 5,000 Euros to the traffickers to assist them to the U.K.

The French Authorities escort the overcrowded migrant vessels into British territorial waters, then hand them an extra empty inflatable for them to use should they wish to do so, as their own inflatable is dangerously overcrowded, and then their job is done. They are no longer the responsibility of the French.

Shortly after the British coastguard and the RNLI arrive. The hand over then begins between French and British authorities. The French vessel also rather conveniently blocks the hand over using a French Naval boast, as this is highly illegal, and they do not wish to be filmed handing over these illegals.

Nigel Farage states that the owner of the boat he was on received a call from the British coastguard warning them that their vessel would be confiscated should they film this hand over.

Itís therefore crystal clear that this country is actively aiding and abetting the mass open door immigration to this country.

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